4 Ways Tiege Hanley is Helping Guys Look and Feel Amazing


Changing the Face of Men’s Skin Care

When you consider how much a guy’s appearance contributes to his overall confidence, it’s pretty amazing how most men overlook the importance of a good skin care routine. Having a simple and reliable regimen is the surest way to more vibrant, healthy-looking skin. At Tiege Hanley, we’re changing the way guys think about skin care—and about themselves.

Skin Care Regimen for Men 


Simplifying Shopping for Skin Care

Guys know that shopping for skin care products can be a complex and confusing experience. But now it doesn’t have to be. With Tiege Hanley, you get an uncomplicated system—one that revolves around cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing (and doesn’t involve quizzes or sampler kits filled with stuff you don’t need). To start, you just choose from one of three levels, depending on whether you want the basics or more anti-aging muscle.


Working With Every Skin Tone

It’s true—we have customers of many different ethnicities and skin tones, each successfully using our products. Click here to listen to what image consultant, Kevin Samuels, has to say on the topic.


Making Luxury Affordable

Unlike the big boys on the men's skin care market, we are selling direct to you. We have cut out the middleman, which means a higher quality product at a lower cost. We also don't have ridiculously high-paid executives, expensive real estate or stockholders. All this results in us being able to eliminate all the crazy markups and margins that the other guys charge.


So Many More Reasons

These were just four ways Tiege Hanley helps men look and feel amazing. To learn more about Tiege Hanley skin care systems for men or to get started with your own subscription, visit us online or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.



Overwhelmed by the world of men’s skin care products?  Tiege Hanley’s subscription service can uncomplicate your experience and make your life easier by delivering a full system of high-quality products right to your doorstep every month. Our products are designed to work together and they won’t have adverse reactions when combined. Uncomplicate your skin care with Tiege Hanley for a simple way to look and feel amazing.

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