Thank You First Responders

We're giving out 10,000 Free Hand Sanitizers to our Fire, Police and EMT heroes.

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Thank You First Responders

Tiege Hanley pivoted quickly to produce HAND SANITIZER when COVID-19 became a global pandemic. The lack of supply was affecting our own community, so we donated 36,000 ounces to the Chicago Fire Department.

Now we want to extend the reach of our donation to first responders everywhere.

We’re offering 2-ounce bottles of HAND SANITIZER to any verified first responder in the continental United States. The 2-ounce, refillable size is perfect for emergency vehicles and utility belts. The donation is limited to one bottle per first responder. Due to high demand, we will ship the bottle to you within 7-10 days.

Due to shipping regulations of HAND SANITIZER, we’re only able to ship within the continental United States. HAND SANITIZER quantities are limited and only available while supplies last. Shipping is on us as well.

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