Four worlds collided

Rob, Aaron & Kelley (left to right); “The Chemist” self-evident


After a year in the making, Tiege Hanley was officially born on November 5th 2015 at a steakhouse in Atlanta.

We are not skin care industry insiders or highbrow jet setters.  We are just regular guys trying to look our best by taking care of our skin.

We quickly found out a few things about skin care:
1) guys don’t learn as much about skin care as women,
2) choosing what products you need and what they do can be complicated, and,
3) many of these products are ridiculously expensive.

We also learned that there are a lot of guys like us around the world, yet few good companies focusing specifically on men’s needs.

So our mission from November 5th 2015 onward was to create a high quality men’s skin care company to help men keep their skin healthy and ageless.  We also wanted to make it simple for guys to purchase and use without breaking the bank.
We all worked extremely hard to pull this off.  Along the way Aaron captured the creation of Tiege Hanley on our YouTube VLog (video blog). While this seemed risky, it allowed many early enthusiasts to contribute to the shaping of our company and products in more ways than they’ll ever know!  They truly inspired us to keep going.

Many years of individual experiences and luck led the four co-founders to that fateful dinner table (one virtually)…


Kelley Thornton has spent his entire career helping Consumer Package Good companies connect their marketing platforms with shoppers at retail. Over the last seven years he built a global agency that gives CPGs the tools to create more meaningful and engaging retail experiences for shoppers while providing them more information about product choices. It was through this work that he envisioned a way to get involved in the growing, yet often confusing, men’s personal care product business.

Then, he told Rob…



Rob Hoxie was a bit of an anomaly amongst his friends in that he worked for the same company for 20 years after graduation.  That software company went through three re-inventions of itself keeping up with the ever-changing tech world.  He learned invaluable lessons along the way in all aspects of building a company and brands.  The company was ultimately sold to a large tech company in Canada (named after a fruit).  Kelley, a college roommate, approached Rob to help him research and develop this new business idea.  It was not only good timing personally, it was also a full circle of life opportunity.  Rob had been a member of the Oil of Olay brand management team as a college student.  He was in!

Then, they told Aaron…



Aaron Marino started his career in the fitness and nutrition industry.  He was an avid body builder and a very effective personal trainer.  He was always the best-dressed and coiffed dude in his circles (in his mind).  Aaron is the most visible member of the Tiege Hanley founding team, and rightly so.  He built a very successful You Tube channel, called Alpha M. where earned a great following teaching men how to improve their grooming, wardrobe, fitness and lifestyle.  He has since built a few other successful businesses – two of which he pitched on ABC’s Shark Tank.  Ah, now you recognize him!  Kelley and Rob approached Aaron with the men’s skin care company.  Maybe he could help them promote the fledgling company.  He had been thinking of starting something along those lines for the past 3+ years, and had some amazing ideas that were in sync with Rob and Kelley’s.   Deal!

Then, they all told “The CHEMIST”…



The team approached an extremely impressive colleague of Rob’s about their idea of building a new and exciting men’s skin care brand.  Given he could build moisturizers in his sleep, and he loved our ideas, it didn’t take long to convince him to join the team.  Our “Chemist” as Aaron loves to refer to him, has 35+ years in the cosmetics industry building products, formulas and ingredients for some of the most recognizable brands in the world.  No wonder when we provided our manufacturer our formulas, they literally said “Did you know your chemist built you a Ferrari?”.  We promise you he doesn’t look like the caricature of himself in the photo of that December event, but we like to keep him anonymous and to ourselves.

And, the rest is the beginning of our history.  We hope you can join us for the ride!
Kelley, Rob, Aaron & “The Chemist”