Level You

You're invited to beta test Level You — what you want when you want it

Level You
Introducing Level You

Build the Routine that’s Best for You

Sticking with a set routine can sometimes be tough—schedules change and your day needs flexibility. As a special offer, we’re hoping you’ll join us in testing a new system called ‘Level You’—a fully customizable subscription which you create based on your needs.

Too much? Not enough? Level You means you tell us how much of which products you want when you want them. Cleansing and protecting is our core, so start with WASH and AM, and build the system you need from there. If you’ve been invited to participate in this new concept test, please contact Tiege Customer Support as noted below.

  • Live Chat: Click the “Chat” button in the bottom right of this page between 9 am and 5 pm CST, M – F

  • Email: Reply to the invitation email you received, or email info@tiege.com

  • Call: Customer Support line available 9 am – 5 pm CST M – F at 312-279-2780