That’s Awesome! Let’s Do This!

That’s Awesome! Let’s Do This!

Starting a skin care regimen is an incredible step in your long-term health and happiness. Looking and feeling good translates into confidence. In a few weeks you’re going to look in the mirror and notice something is different about you.

The two best pieces of advice we give new Tiege Guys are these:

  • 1. Keep the products on your bathroom counter. Having them handy is the easiest way to remember to use them.
  • 2. Stick to the recommended usage amounts on the instruction card so your products last 30 days.

PS: If you don’t use the products every day and have some leftover, consider adjusting your next delivery date in your account on

Thanks again for picking the Tiege Hanley Starter System. If you have any questions, drop us a line.

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