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Statement on Racism and Violence

Tiege Hanley has zero tolerance for racism or violence.

The tragic killings of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Breonna Taylor in Louisville and others rippled through our society, sparking months of protest, debate, and activism. When it comes to the complex and long-standing issue of racism in America, Tiege Hanley has, and always will, stand with those for social justice, stewardship and equality.

We are at a moment in history when social justice is more important than ever. The conversation hasn’t been this loud in a long time. Individuals' anxiety levels and emotions are running high, including our own. The political climate is intolerable. Many of us are asking the same question: What can I do?

Tiege Hanley will do what we always do: support our community, near and far.

Last summer we partnered with the K.W.O.E Foundation and I-Grow Chicago because we saw an opportunity to help men in an underserved black community on the South Side of Chicago. We spent time with the Englewood community, inside the Englewood community—including celebrating Martin Luther King Day at the I-Grow Peace House, which was an educational and inspiring day for us.

We will spend more time with both organizations, and as our men’s skin care company grows, so will our support.

Within our business operations we are going to look for ways to support and advance minorities and minority-owned businesses. We see opportunities to evaluate our partnerships, our supply chain and the diversity of our staff. These are not decisions we take lightly as they carry substantial influence over the success of our business.

Additionally, we will maintain our commitment to social justice and ending racism.

We will maintain our commitment to the sacred right of peaceful protest.

We will maintain our commitment to making the lives of the people we serve better.

And finally, we will maintain our commitment to listening, learning, and acting in a manner that promotes inclusivity, diversity and optimism.