Normally $15, but you can try it for $5!

The Starter Box includes the two most important men’s skin care products: face wash and moisturizer. These two products take two minutes to use and are guaranteed to make your skin look more handsome.

WASH 2.5 fl oz (75 ml)

Daily Face Wash to remove dirt and excess oil

AM 0.75 fl oz (22 ml)

Morning Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20 to hydrate and protect from the sun

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First box is only $5!

Yes, really.

The Starter Box


The Starter Box


These two products are designed to last 30 days and make you feel like a million bucks.

  • WASH

  • AM Moisturizer

The Starter Box


The Starter Box


Looking good, keep it up! The Starter Box will auto renew and we’ll ship you another round of WASH and AM.

  • WASH

  • AM Moisturizer

It auto renews every 30 days


A perfect introduction to skin care


Save some money


Free Shipping in the U.S.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Cancel Anytime

How does it work?

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The two most important things you can do for your face are clean it and protect it. Our WASH cleans and our AM with SPF 20 protects against dry skin and protects you from the sun's harmful rays.

Because it removes barriers to success and makes it so much easier on you. If you never have to worry about running out, you’ll never miss a day.

It lasts 30 days. By the time you finish it, you’ll have a fresh Starter System on your doorstep.

However, if you’re using the product slower or faster you can always adjust to your schedule by logging into your account at

Tiege Hanley makes a lot more than just WASH and AM. We have a lineup of amazingly effective products—everything from eye cream to bar soap to lip balm. Everyone is different, add the products that you need.

Easy—just follow these steps

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Locate the green “Subscription Details” bar on the right side and click “Edit”
  3. Underneath your shipping address it says “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.” Click cancel just to the right.

In a word—yes.

Results vary depending on the person and how well you stick to your routine but if you follow the instructions and recommended usage, you will see some positive results in a matter of weeks.

The Starter Box

The Starter Box

Consistent cleansing and moisturizing make up the backbone of handsome, amazing-looking skin.