Keep your body and your face healthy by avoiding face wash with potentially harmful ingredients. 

Twice a day, every day, you wash your face. But do you really know what is in your face wash? 

Not all ingredients in cleansers are good for your skin. Before you use your current face wash again, make sure it is free from these potentially harmful additives. 

Five Cosmetic Ingredients You May Want to Avoid 

  1. Phthalate

There are several different varieties of phthalates based on the number and formation of the carbon molecules. Phthalates are very common in the cosmetic industry because they serve a variety of functions. Various forms of phthalates are used as (1) a solubilizer to dissolve ingredients, (2) a humectant to prevent products from drying out, (3) an emollient to soften skin or (4) as a plasticizer to increase the flexibility of plastics. Unfortunately, there are links between high levels of exposure to certain types of phthalates and male reproductive health. Besides personal dangers, many water treatment plants are unable to entirely remove phthalates from drinking water. 

  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are two related compounds which are found in a wide range of facial cleansers. These compounds are mostly used in the cosmetic industry to create a creamy foam but are also in synthetic detergents and surfactants. Although SLS and SLES are effective at removing dirt and oil from skin, they have a few adverse side effects. First, they strip your skin of beneficial oils. If you have ever noticed your skin squeaking after washing, your face soap probably has SLS or SLES ingredients. In additional to robbing your skin of oils, this compound can combine with other chemicals to form nitrosamines, known carcinogens which can cause breathing and kidney problems. 

  1. Parabens

There are several different chemical compounds which are a part of the paraben family. The most significant distinguishing factor between these related compounds is the length of its carbon side chain. The cosmetic and skin care industry uses parabens to help extend the shelf life of their products by keeping them stable in a wide range of temperatures. Parabens also have antimicrobial properties. Like phthalates, exposure to parabens can have adverse effects on male reproduction. Studies show that in male animals, high levels of physical contact with paraben resulted in lower sperm counts. 

Five Cosmetic Ingredients You May Want to Avoid
Tiege Hanley's face wash doesn't use harmful ingredients. We use the highest quality ingredients to keep your facial skin clean and looking amazing!
  1. Triclosan

Triclosan is a chemical which is found in a number of health and beauty products ranging from toothpaste to facial cleansers. Manufacturers use triclosan to extend the shelf life of their products by preventing the growth of bacteria and as a way to increase a product's antimicrobial properties. Some toothpaste manufacturers use triclosan as an additive to fight gingivitis. In several studies involving animals, early findings seem to indicate that triclosan can lower thyroid hormone levels and that there may be a connection between the chemical and an increased chance of developing skin cancer when exposed to UV light. 

  1. Fragrances

The only purpose of adding fragrances to a personal care product is to introduce a more pleasing smell. Most fragrances are semi-volatile to allow the speedy delivery of scents. While there are no practical purposes outside of a pleasant odor, there are indeed reasons why you may want to use products without them. Some compounds used to create fragrances, specifically those which are petroleum based, are linked to skin disease, headaches and other health issues. If you wish to avoid using a product free from fragrances, look for one labeled "fragrance-free" since "unscented" products often still contain fragrances. 

We hope this information will be useful on your journey to find the best men’s face wash. It’s important to keep your body and your face healthy. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by avoiding face washes with potentially harmful ingredients. That’s why at Tiege Hanley we pride ourselves on using the best ingredients available for taking care of your skin. For instance, instead of using SLS and SLES in our face wash, we use the far superior ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS). ALS is much more effective at cleaning the outer layers of your facial skin of dirt and grime, without the risk of the product penetrating and reaching the underlying layers of skin, which are much more delicate. 

If you would like to give our skin care system a try, you can browse through our website to find all of the relevant information you need.