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6 Foolproof Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

man getting present

If you’ve ever struggled to buy a holiday gift for any man in your life, then you know the challenge for finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend. Some men aren’t too picky, but the ones who are may be impossible to shop for because they have pretty strong opinions about anything and everything they own. Whether your guy is go-with-the-flow or persnickety, you can find a thoughtful gift that shows how much you care. Here are five Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend that can make gift-giving fun again.

1. Dress Him Up

Can your man’s wardrobe use a little freshening up? Most guys could stand a few new pieces, especially if they are not fond of shopping for themselves. Men tend to fall into two categories: they either see themselves as trendsetters, or they are in desperate need of a makeover. No matter which type your boyfriend is, he is bound to appreciate a new favorite sweater, funky socks or cozy hat for Christmas.

If you aren’t sure what he would like, or if you think he may return your gift, you could opt for a subscription box service. Websites such as Trunk Club, Stitch Fix for Men, and Bespoke Post are fabulous options to help your boyfriend stay fashionable, even when he prefers function over form.

Most subscription boxes are customizable, allowing men to share their tastes with a stylist who then curates a small assortment of clothing and accessories. You can gift your guy a month or splurge and treat him to a full year of dressing to impress. Either way, he is bound to appreciate having a little help with his look.


2. Lift a Glass

Again, you may be able to pigeonhole your boyfriend into one of three types of men who like a tasty beverage. There’s your beer drinker, who fancies himself a brew master or an expert on craft beers and IPAs. Perhaps he’s a whiskey man who appreciates the return to old-fashioned cocktails and specialty spirits. Maybe he’s more of a coffee man, always in search of the perfect cup of lovingly roasted beans.

The good news for you is that you can always find a great gift that speaks to his potable passion. Look for a do-it-yourself beer-making kit for your beer man; whiskey stones and a classy set of cocktail glasses for your whiskey man; or a pour-over carafe, French press, and rare beans for your java man. You’ll be amazed at the many varieties of gifts you can find that focus on beverages of all sorts.

3. Move Your Muscles

Fitness-themed gifts may be a gamble, depending on your boyfriend’s interests, but you have a lot of great gifts that fall under the healthy-lifestyle umbrella. Let’s break it down into two categories this time: the fitness buff and the couch potato.

For the man who exercises regularly, you should think about what he would use. A GPS tracker is a smart way to keep your special guy safe, especially if he runs or rides a bike on the road. You can also get him new cold-weather gear, such as gloves or insulated shirts and pants that can be layered for outdoor use. New fitness clothing is always a great idea for people who exercise regularly because older shirts and shorts can start to smell over time.

Now let’s think about motivational gifts for the man who prefers to watch his sports on television rather than playing them himself. Some of the best gifts are those where you share your time, so you may want to sign up for fitness classes or experiences you can do together. A walking-to-running program, dance lessons, a tennis clinic, yoga classes or any other activity he may want to try can get you moving as a couple, which can be more fun than working out alone.

4. Find a Hobby

Unless your boyfriend is a workaholic with no down time, he probably participates in a hobby or two. Think about what he enjoys, and then find a gift that can complement his interests. Thanks to the internet, you can find virtually anything for your man that goes along with what he loves to do. Think of how happy he will be when he sees you support his passion.

For the movie buff, you could frame a poster of his favorite flick to hang on a wall. Computer geeks and gamers may want a special piece of hardware or the latest game to add to their collection. For the book lover, you could invest in an e-reader, a first edition of a beloved novel, or even floating bookshelves to get some of those stacks off the nightstand. Your starving artist can always use some new supplies, and Christmas is perfect for the gift of new brushes, pencils, paint or canvases.

The options are endless for collectors and enthusiasts, but if your boyfriend isn’t obsessed with any one thing, you may want to get him a new game. Games have made a big comeback in recent years and are a fun way to spend time with friends and family. You can also invest in a classic chess or backgammon set, but be prepared to refresh your skills before you sit across the board from him.

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5. Be Mindful

Women tend to be spoiled during the holidays with lots of gifts that focus on self-care, but men need to relax and take care of themselves just as much as the ladies do. Some men may not put as much effort into grooming as they should, especially if they get set in their ways and stick to their old routines. Here are Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend that are all about him:

  • Facial hair fixes: Hipsters and non-hipsters alike are really into mustaches and beards, so a gift such as a shaving set, beard oils and pomades, or even barber-quality scissors may be treasured.
  • Special scents: Candles with masculine fragrances can help your boyfriend find some peace; look for woodsy, spicy or smoky aromas that can create ambiance.
  • Tips and toes: Most men haven’t experienced the pleasure of a mani-pedi, but they may become regulars if you treat them to a spa service tailored to gentlemen.
  • Write it down: Select a special notebook and pen to encourage your boyfriend to take up journaling as a way to relieve stress and increase mindfulness.
  • Wrap up: A fluffy blanket or throw to cuddle under for a long winter’s nap sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?
  • Something sexy: Be playful and flirty with your Christmas gift by giving him an adult toy, silk boxers or anything else that lets him know you are still in love with him.

6. Go Skin Deep

Does your man have a regular skin care routine? Tiege Hanley has your fellow’s back (and face) when it comes to taking care of his skin. Our line of products can address a variety of skin issues, such as aging, dryness or acne, and get him into a new routine with cleansers, exfoliators and moisturizers. A subscription to one of our skin care systems makes the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend because he can have everything he needs delivered right to his doorstep. It’s a foolproof way to show him you care, now and forever. Visit our website to see how uncomplicated men’s skin care can be.

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