In the latest vlog, Aaron gives us an update: We’ve got the chemist developing formulas for our brand-new men’s skin care line, but we still need to get some legal paperwork taken care of. Legal complexities are taxing and time-consuming, but they’re important for helping create a solid company and legitimizing equity and value. Aaron talks about this and much more in the latest installment of his YouTube series “Starting a Business and Building a Brand.”

Another tidbit from the mind of a serial entrepreneur: Watch Shark Tank! If you didn’t know, our very own Aaron Marino was a contestant on Shark Tank with one of his previous men’s grooming endeavors—spoiler alert: he didn’t get a deal—and he believes it’s one of the greatest tools for potential businessmen. (Just make sure you don’t use the Shark Tank method of valuation, as it has some holes.) Aaron talks more about finances, and the legal side of valuing your piece of the pie, in this video.