Men’s face lotion should be simple and work well, but as we noticed the last time we visited the department store, it is much more challenging than meets the eye. We know you are busy, and we know you want to look good for your dinner date, interview, school or evening with friends.

That’s why we’ve taken a hard look at what is needed for the for a lotion to be the best it can be, to help with excess oil production and existing damage. So, we focused our efforts on creating an easy-to-use system with a great, refreshing, and affordable morning moisturizer and a bedtime moisturizer.

Both products have some awesome featured ingredients that will fend off the signs of premature aging and put a block up against sun damage, helping men look amazing. Gents, let us introduce you to what a men’s face lotion should be.

Face Lotion for Men

Finding the best face lotion for men can seem like a dream that’s out of reach, and while we love a good challenge, we know that men have things to do, don’t we all? We have family responsibilities, work responsibilities, stuff to do that is outside, inside and everywhere in between. Free yourself from the endless aisles of cosmetics by simplifying your routine with our men’s skin care lineup. From figuring out what type of lotion to use, to how to apply it, to how it works and whether its scent will trigger your allergies, we have the solution that will lessen your burden in shopping for skin lotion.

That’s what it’s all about. We want the best face lotion to be simple. It shouldn’t take any extra work. Of course, in the super-hot industry of men’s skin care, we know that you want to put your best face forward. After all, first impressions can make or break that job interview, attract the right person to your man cave and make your face healthy again.

face lotion for men

A good face lotion should meet the working demands of a man’s lifestyle, but the best lotion should go beyond. In other words, a good lotion should resist run-off when sweating, while still providing a strong barrier against debris and moisture loss, but the best lotion should try to help stop the aging process too.

While putting the aging process in reverse is still the goal, our products may help apply the brakes in the interim.

For example, our AM moisturizer contains Lavandula Oil, which is an essential oil obtained from Lavender. According to a study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Lavandula essential oils were shown to promote the antioxidant activity in the skin and may provide a protective barrier against excess glucose (sugar) levels in the skin. In an intense study conducted and published by the University of Buffalo in 2000, researchers found strong evidence that increased glucose levels in the blood contribute to an increase in production of free radicals.

The reason goes back to basic chemistry. This formula for glucose is C6H12O6. Notice the number of oxygen atoms in each molecule. That means that a single gram of glucose contains 3.345 x 10^18 oxygen atoms. When processed, a massive amount of unbound oxygen atoms release in the body.

Now, here is the kicker. An unbound oxygen atom is the complicated, scientific name for a free radical.

Another 2014 study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, found the essential oil had anxiety-relieving properties. As the body processes Lavandula Oil, inhaling its scent, even in non-noticeable levels, affects the release and activity of neurotransmitters (chemicals responsible for brain activity and mood), particularly serotonin. As a result, Lavandula Oil may have a calming effect. In the skin, the same activity may act on nerves that are responsible for creating wrinkles and fine lines.

Paired with Rosemary Oil and Calendula Extract, the power of our AM moisturizer is extended.

Wrinkles and fine lines form with repeated contraction of the muscles. Since the muscles contract based on input from nerves, this innovative combination of ingredients may have the overall effect of reducing stress on the skin, promoting relaxation.

Meanwhile, our PM moisturizer contains potent Niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B3), which has been shown to enhance the skin’s natural barrier function, reduce rosacea (reddening) from sun damage and regulate the skin’s sebaceous activity. Gents, let’s be honest—we’ve all dealt with acne at some point. Rather than spending hours looking for an array of creams, ointments and medications, Vitamin B3 is exactly what we need.

Additional benefits of our PM moisturizer derive from its other natural ingredients, including Green Tea Extract and Aloe Vera Extract. Both have been used for millennia in treating skin conditions, including reducing inflammation and injuries, even burns! Green Tea Extract is antioxidant-rich, so your skin can do its job and not succumb to the damage of premature aging from free radicals.

As explained by MedlinePlus, Niacinamide, the form of Vitamin B3 found in foods and our PM moisturizer, has also been shown to reduce muscle spasms, blood vessel swelling, and edema. These three things are common triggers for acne. Vitamin B3 also helps maintain the integrity of our cell membranes, effectively helping the skin stay cleaner. Ergo, acne and acne-associated inflammation may decrease. For those of us with sensitive skin, it may help fend off dermatitis and allergic rashes too. It’s a win-win.

Face Lotion with SPF for Men

Face lotion with SPF may seem like an afterthought, but it is key to staying youthful. Tiege Hanley’s face lotion with sun protective factor (SPF) is designed to help combat the adverse effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the sun’s UV radiation may cause permanent damage to the skin within 15 minutes of exposure, increasing the risk for accelerated aging and skin problems. In fact, the minimum recommended SPF for sunscreen is 15, and since our product has 20, you are protected even more than what the CDC recommends.

Our Morning Facial Moisturizer has a light, bright scent that’s not overpowering and enhances your handsome.

Imagine what life would be like when applying sunscreen and lotion one at a time. It would lead to a sticky, oily mess. That’s why our Morning Facial Moisturizer already has SPF in it. Simply apply a nickel-sized amount, and you’ll be ready for the day.

The best part about our Morning Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20 is that it's completely safe to use for those with sensitive skin, FDA tested and approved. Plus, it contains Plantain (Plantago Major Leaf) Extract.

Gents, when was the last time you were sunburned?

Chances are good you might have a bit of a burn right now. Even minor sunburns add up to major skin damage over a lifetime, and Plantain Extract is like a super-charged motor for reducing sun damage and healing sunburns.

men’s face lotion with spf

Plantain Extract comes from the skin of plantains. Plantain Extract, says the U.S. National Library of Medicine, has been shown to possess high levels of antioxidant phytochemicals.

Antioxidant phytochemicals are antioxidants that are resistant to destruction from the sun. In other words, Plantain Extract is in our SPF face lotion and has the added benefit of working to keep free radicals in check, even in direct sunlight. SPF is the first barrier to preventing sunburn and sun damage, and Plantain Extract picks up the fight from there.

Our AM and PM moisturizers are a testament to our goal of helping men look amazing, without the stress of searching through an array of products from different companies. That’s why we simplify things further with an easy-to-understand, three-level subscription, each of which contains AM and PM moisturizer. Choose your subscription now.