What’s in a name? Our in-house style guru Aaron Marino talks about the process of naming a business. He tells the tale of how Tiege Hanley got its name. The story goes like this: Founder Kelley Thornton was visiting his dad when he opened up a book that has been in the family for generations. Inside the book was the name Tiege Hanley. Nobody knows who Tiege Hanley is, but his name resonated with Kelley and it stuck.

Aaron says that as long as your company name resonates with you, it doesn’t necessarily need to coordinate with what you’re selling. Taglines can help explain the purpose of your business or product. He also emphasizes the importance of naming a business so that it works in the digital landscape. Don’t name your company something requiring a costly URL or that can’t be easily searched but consider that your domain name doesn’t have to be exactly your business name. Watch the video for more tips on how to name your business.