What is Aloe Vera?

This extract is a gel harvested from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant, which has a long history as a plant with many medicinal properties. Over time, Aloe Vera has been used as a moisturizer, a treatment for wounds, burns and other topical injuries, and it’s even been put to use as an oral medicine for a variety of ailments.


Benefits of Aloe Vera

  1. For acne sufferers, Aloe Vera is an ingredient that will promote faster healing of blemishes. That’s because the extract contains polysaccharides and growth hormones which stimulate cell growth.
  2. Aloe also stimulates skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, which is a chemical that holds water. Because of this, regular use of skin care products containing Aloe will result in fuller, more moisturized skin.
  3. This ingredient is also common in after-sun products because not only does it promote healing, but it also has a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect that helps calm irritation.
  4. The amino acids in Aloe work to soften skin cells. This combined with the increase in cell growth results in skin that is less wrinkled and more elastic.
  5. Aloe naturally contains salicylic acid, which gives the extract an antiseptic effect. If you have pimples that are caused by bacteria, then Aloe will help prevent them.
  6. Like most botanical extracts, Aloe is rich with antioxidants that help prevent damage caused by pollutants while helping the skin look bright and fresh.

Aloe Vera Extract


Dermatological Tips

  1. Aloe Vera is a great, all-around moisturizer with skin healing and antioxidant properties. Feel free to use it both morning and evening to keep your skin hydrated.
  2. In rare cases, Aloe has been known to cause allergic reactions, so we recommend that you test products with this ingredient on a small area before adding it to your regular routine.


Products Containing this Ingredient

  1. Tiege Hanley Bedtime Facial Moisturizer
  2. Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator
  3. L’Oreal Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care