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Is Hydrolyzed Elastin (a.k.a. Marine Collagen) Good or Bad for Your Skin?

Eyedropper drips serum into bottle

What is Hydrolyzed Elastin?

Elastin is naturally present in skin—the second most common protein in the human body, in fact—and it’s what gives skin its springy, elastic texture. Hydrolyzed Elastin, also known as Marine Collagen, is a natural protein harvested from fish and other sources that can be used to replenish your skin. 


Benefits of Hydrolyzed Elastin

  1. Hydrolyzed Elastin is a humectant. Humectants are valuable in any skin care routine because they trap moisture, holding it against the skin.
  2. Elastin, in particular, is a skin conditioner that will help your skin maintain its elasticity as you age.
  3. This protein also has use as a skin booster. When applied topically, it stimulates cell growth so, when used over time, elastin’s renewing effect makes your skin look smoother and fresher.

 hydrolyzed elastin molecules

Dermatological Tips

While Hydrolyzed Elastin can be used in the morning or evening, we recommend that you make sure this ingredient is a part of your evening routine. That way your skin reaps the benefits as you sleep. 

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Other Ingredients to Consider

Glycerin and panthenol are two ingredients that are often used as humectants and skin conditioners, but neither of these will help skin maintain elasticity. 

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