What is Plantain Extract?

Before you start thinking about the fruit that is part of the banana family, it’s important to note that Plantain Extract comes from a different species of this family. The Plantain Extract used in skin care most often comes from the leaves of Plantago major, which is a low-growing perennial weed found throughout most of North America.


Benefits of Plantain Extract

  1. One of the big benefits of Plantain Extract is that it contains Allantoin, which is a powerful skin soothing agent that encourages cell growth. In face washes, Allantoin is also used as a chemical exfoliant to remove layers of dead skin.
  2. This extract has wound healing properties, which makes it great as an acne treatment. It helps to combat acne and it promotes skin regeneration, which reduces the chance of scarring.
  3. Plantain Extract has germicidal and antibacterial properties, which makes it that much more useful in the prevention of acne.
  4. Since this extract soothes skin, it’s a good treatment for sunburn.

Plantain Extract


Dermatological Tips

  1. For acne sufferers, we recommend use of products containing Plantain Extract both morning and night.
  2. If acne isn’t a concern, use this extract in the morning to take advantage of its benefits throughout the day.


Products Containing This Ingredient

  1. Tiege Hanley Morning Facial Moisturizer
  2. Tiege Hanley Acne Cream
  3. Annmarie Anti-Aging Serum