What is Soluble Collagen?

Collagen, like elastin, is one of skin’s primary proteins. This is what gives skin structure and firmness, which can begin to decrease as you age and collagen begins to break down. Soluble Collagen in topical creams typically comes from marine or bovine sources.

Benefits of Soluble Collagen

  1. Because collagen degrades as you age, Soluble Collagen is a supplement that helps make skin firmer. Soluble Collagen, in particular, accomplishes this by dissolving in your skin’s natural moisture, then diffusing into the skin itself.
  2. Collagen smooths and softens skin, giving it a healthier, more youthful texture.
  3. Used topically, Soluble Collagen can act like a filler, decreasing the size of fine lines and wrinkles. This, in addition to the added firmness, reduces signs of aging.
  4. Collagen aids with wound healing by boosting microcirculation, which means acne sufferers may see less scarring and faster fading of blemishes.
  5. Collagens help bind water to the skin, so this ingredient is a must-have in moisturizers. 

Dermatological Tips

Soluble Collagen is a non-reactive ingredient that can be used at any time of the day, but we recommend that you use it during your bedtime routine so that it can do its work while you sleep.

Products Containing This Ingredient