In today’s vlog, Tiege Hanley co-founder Rob Hoxie joins Aaron Marino at the lab where Tiege Hanley products are made. The two discuss the process of vetting and selecting a manufacturer to produce their formulas. The team requested quotes from several companies but ultimately chose the one that offered the best service, not the one that cost the least. Aaron and Rob talk about how time-consuming it is to find the right manufacturer and how important it is to go with someone you trust.

The two go on a tour of the lab to see how things are made, stored and tested. The team sees all the complex equipment that will be used to produce all of Tiege’s products, from mixing the ingredients to filling the packaging. In the process, Aaron and Rob learn how much goes into making sure that products are pure, safe and regulated. Love Tiege? Watch the entire video to see how your favorite products are made.