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Men's Skin Care Company Sponsors Symposium for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Men's Skin Care Company Sponsors Symposium for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For the third straight year, Tiege Hanley, a company famous for developing ‘Uncomplicated Skin Care for Men®’ is sponsoring the Menfluential Conference on February 23rd and 24th, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. Famous YouTube influencer, Aaron Marino, co-founded the annual event 5 years ago with fellow Internet entrepreneur, Antonio Centeno, who also runs a YouTube channel called “Real Men, Real Style.”

If Marino looks familiar, it may be because, in addition to his numerous other entrepreneurial projects, he is ‘the face of Tiege Hanley,’ logging an impressive 116 videos to date on the company’s YouTube channel in a series called the ‘Starting a Business + Building a Brand Vlog,’ chronicling the 2018 Menfluential event sponsor’s meteoric rise to the top of online men’s skin care product sales.

“The Menfluential conference holds a special place in Tiege Hanley’s history, as it was the venue where we announced the pending launch of our products,” explained Tiege Hanley founder, Kelley Thornton. “It’s great to go back now, year after year, for invaluable feedback from our influencer friends and passionate customers.”


According to symposium organizer Centeno, the conference is about bringing people together who normally wouldn’t have a chance to connect in person, as such a vast portion of so many men’s lives and businesses center around online pursuits in today’s world.

Check out this recap video from the 2016 edition of the annual conference to get a feel for what attendees can expect:

Both men, as well as the rest of the featured speakers, have storied careers in developing thriving businesses, using personal influence to promote them, driving sizable revenue and establishing global brands. Accordingly, the event is slated to cover two distinct topics: entrepreneurship and men’s lifestyle influencer strategies and tactics.

From the Menfluential Conference website, attendees can look forward to the following:

For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs:

    1. How to think big and execute—shifting your mindset and overcoming the fear of failure.
    2. How to find your profitable business idea (even if you have no idea right now).
    3. Gaining direct access to online entrepreneurs who have generated millions in revenue.
    4. How to attract the right audience to your business.
    5. How to leverage great websites, channels and social media content for potential sponsorships with relevant brands and products.
    6. An opportunity to chat with impactful influencers who have a combined reach of over 50 million+ unique views per month.

For Men’s Lifestyle Influencers:

    1. Learn how to get your first 10,000 Instagram followers from influencers who average 100,000+.
    2. What works now! How to get your first 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and pitfalls to avoid.
    3. Why you must monetize YouTube & Instagram in the early stages of growth.
    4. Learn how to get your first 1,000 podcast downloads from podcasters who average 150,000+ downloads per episode.  
    5. Staying ahead of the curve. How to beat the social media algorithm changes.
    6. Discover why authenticity is the most valuable social currency and how to cultivate it.
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    This year's conference presenters include: Ryan Masters, Eric Bandholtz, Jeremy Fragrance, Scott Niswander, Andy Snavely, Tanner Guzy, Brett Maverick, Jose Zuniga, Barron Cuadro, Thomas Frank, Charlie Houpert, Benny Lewis, Alex Costa, Pete Sveen, Steven Gavrielatos, Brock McGoff, Ryan Magin, Blake Scott, Matt Reynolds, Arian Ney, George Laboda, Kathryn Stone, Nick Palkowski, Alan Roberts, Travis White, Bryan Adelman, Dan Lok, Terry Adelman, Ben Weider, Tom Morkes, Ryan Michler, Than Pham, Alan Roberts, Arian Ney, Thomas Frank, AJ Harbinger, and in the closing the event—Antonio Centeno and Aaron Marino.

    If the response to the past several years’ Menfluential events is any indication, attendees are in for an inspiring and transformative experience. For additional details, see

    Here what Tiege Hanley co-founder, Rob Hoxie, had to say after attending last year's conference:

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