Men’s skin care routine options are abundant online. Do a quick Google search and you’ll quickly feel overwhelmed by the number of choices and approaches. Many men in this situation quickly lose hope: How can they ever choose the right routine to clear their complexions, keep wrinkles at bay and look good all the time? Is it even possible?  

Gentlemen, before you spend the rest of the day hiding in your room and nursing your anxieties with Netflix, let’s spend a second talking about this. 

The truth is, a proper skin care routine might seem like it’s composed of an almost limitless number of steps, and we sympathize with that feeling. That’s why we’ve spent so much time creating a simple routine on which you can rely. Day in, day out. At home, at work. Simple is important. 

Don’t get us wrong: You can certainly up your game by understanding your routine to a T, scrubbing the right way and so forth (which we cover on our blog) for your handsome-enhancing pleasure. However, the best face care routine for men is really quite easy. 

Men’s Skincare Routine

Skin Care Routine for Men

Men’s skin care routine choices are myriad. Because of this, many gents don’t know where to turn when it comes to a reliable process. Should they just pick up whatever is available at the nearest pharmacy? Do they sneakily use their girlfriend’s products? Should they order the fanciest thing they can find online? 

No to all three.  

Men Need Skin Care Products Made Just for Them 

For one thing, women’s products are not suited to men’s needs. Your skin deals with shaving, hair follicles and oil production in a way that women’s skin does not. As such, you need a skin care routine all your own, but not one that’s expensive or hard.

The thing is, whether you’re in high school or raising three kids, your skin just wants balance. Ditto if you live in humidity or cold climes, or if you’re black or white or Hispanic or Asian. Dealing with oiliness, flaky dry skin or a combination of the two is tough, but not when you use the right products. 

Simple Systems That Actually Work 

At Tiege Hanley, we believe men want to look good, but we also believe men need it to be easy. So we created an uncomplicated skin care system for men. It includes the daily face wash that helps you clear your complexion of oil and debris, day and night. Our Daily Face Wash contains Salix Alba Bark Extract, which provides anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties to reduce breakouts and redness, all while minimizing oil production. 

Similarly, we provide a twice-weekly Exfoliating Facial Scrub that is tough on dead skin cells while gentle on the living ones. Now you can clean your skin without stripping natural oils and causing the skin to overcompensate with oiliness and greasiness. It’s also gentle on dry skin, helping create the perfect base layer for hydration. That means you can count on these products no matter your skin type. Yay, balance! 

Men’s Face Care Routine

Face Care Routine for Men

Face care routine steps don’t stop there, though. All types of skin need moisture in order to survive and thrive. Whether you are black or white, Hispanic or Asian, your skin desires nourishment and hydration. Water is critical, whether your complexion is normal or sensitive, dry or oily, combination, and so on. 

Start the Morning Right with Moisture and Go to Bed with a Strong Skin Care Routine 

So, after washing and scrubbing, where do you go with your men’s daily skin care routine? In the morning, it starts with our Morning Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20. Plump and brighten your skin with plantain extract, which provides relief from sunburns minor or major. Feed your cells with rosemary oil to reduce oiliness and firm up sagging skin.  

At night, rely on the Bedtime Facial Moisturizer to provide health-boosting and wrinkle-reducing goodness all night long. Think of our evening moisturizer as the antidote to the oiliness or irritation that happens overnight. It also helps reduce fine lines and sagging with soluble collagen, which prompts your body to up its own production of collagen. This powerful one-two punch gives your skin the structure it loses as we age, filling out those lines and making you look younger. 

Fight Pollutants, Free Radicals and Aging 

The ultimate face care routine also includes strategies for fighting the pollutants, carcinogens and free radicals that are, unfortunately, a result of everyday life. Enter our SUPER SERUM, which is like warp drive for skin repair. It contains retinyl palmitate, which is a stabilized form of vitamin A. Upon contact with skin, it transforms into free retinol, which helps speed cell turnover and defy the passage of time. Wrinkles need not apply. 

Pro tip: Make sure to apply moisturizer while the skin is still damp, advises Howard Sobel, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist speaking with Men’s Journal. That way, you lock in all that water you soaked up while washing your face, shaving or showering. 

Hydration is an inside matter as well, so don’t neglect your daily water needs, cautions Sobel. He recommends you “keep tabs on how much alcohol and caffeine you’re gulping down. Both can make you dehydrated; but, drinking coffee or booze along with food and water can help counter the dehydrating effects.” 

So how else can we here at Tiege Hanley help? Well, we provide a men's face routine composed of products that all work together. Now instead of trying to find the best combination from a variety of different drugstore shelves, you have an all-in-one solution for which you don’t have to shop. 

Daily Skin Care Routine 

Routine is everything. You already know how much easier life gets when you create reliable work and commute habits, eat healthy foods and habitually track your other daily activities. No one needs to tell you that regular sleep and gym schedules improve your health, or that you should get a tetanus shot every five years. Happiness and well-being rely on routine, plain and simple.

Tiege Kits Support Your Daily Skin Care Routine

So why should skin care be any different? It shouldn’t, which is why we created three levels of Tiege Hanley skin care systems. They offer you multiple options when it comes to your daily face care, from our simplified Level 1 system which includes morning and nighttime moisturizers, daily wash and a twice-weekly exfoliant. Level 2 includes an eye cream to fight off crow’s feet and dark circles. Want to go even further? Try Level 3, which includes firming serum for wrinkle-busting and age-defying power.   

Amazing Skin for Gents on the Go 

No matter which level you choose, Tiege Hanley systems are a perfect way to create a routine. We ourselves were tired of paying too much for skin care, so we decided to go a different route. Instead of creating a skincare line and selling it to third-party vendors, we figured, hey: “Why not sell straight to the men who inspired our business in the first place?

So we did. Now we provide legions of guys with the products they need to look and feel good. Our products contain much higher levels of natural ingredients and anti-inflammatory properties than other products on the market currently. As such, our wash, moisturizers and specialty products are more concentrated and more effective. 

Enhance Your Handsome Today 

The result? Great-looking men who come to us again and again. No longer do you need to head to the store and stalk the aisles. No more must you nab your lady’s serum when you want to look good. Say goodbye to confusion. Tiege Hanley is here to help you ensure you head to the office, coffee shop or that hot date feeling the best you can. 

Gentlemen! Enhance your handsome today. We’re here to help!