Product Testing: Making Sure Tiege Formulas Are Perfect

Aaron starts out today’s vlog by announcing that he has been testing Tiege Hanley’s AM moisturizer at the lab and that the line is slowly but surely inching its way to an official launch. When testing, Aaron’s goal was to compare the product made by the manufacturer to the one originally made by the chemist. The result: it’s incredible! Aaron was impressed by the light, crisp smell of the cream and the fact that it absorbed quickly with no greasiness. The formula has been approved and it will officially become Tiege’s AM moisturizer.

Still, it’s not quite ready for launch. Next, the manufacturer will produce a larger batch for even more testing and then the facility will replicate the whole process with all the other formulas. Ideally, the products will be approved and ready to distribute relatively quickly.

Tiege Hanley Pricing and Structure

Next up on the Tiege team’s to-do list is to come up with a solid price point and structure for the product. The skin care industry’s markups are notoriously ridiculous, in part because companies don’t spend enough time thinking about their price points.

Tiege’s goal—which Aaron believes is already becoming a reality—is to compete with the major skin care labels in terms of both quality and price. By cutting out the middleman, Aaron believes Tiege will be able to offer top-notch products at a much better price.

Aaron announces that his vlog viewers will get an amazing deal if they want to take Tiege for a test drive before anyone else, so make sure to stay tuned to the series and stay engaged throughout the next few weeks.