Tiege Samples Are Ready

You’ve been waiting anxiously to try Aaron’s brand-new skin care line, Tiege Hanley, and the time has finally come. In episode 22 of his entrepreneurial vlog series, Aaron announces that 18 lucky viewers will get to try Tiege samples.

Aaron gives a quick rundown on what’s happening with the product. He announces that all Tiege Hanley skin care products will be fragrance-free so they are safe for people with sensitive skin or those who don’t like the typical skin care fragrances. Aaron and the entire Tiege Hanley team hope that the samples will help them create a high-quality product that’s truly uncomplicated.

Mission Statement and Value-Added Propositions

Here’s what’s happening right now behind the scenes at Tiege Hanley.

Aaron discusses the importance of creating a mission statement—a guiding principle or foundation of your business—to help direct all of your business-related decisions. Aaron has been working with the Tiege Hanley team to create a mission statement that he feels will help the company stay true to their core principles as they grow. The goal is for the mission statement to help Tiege broaden their ambitions beyond simply creating “uncomplicated” skin care.

He also provides an update on the Tiege website and says that it won’t be officially open to the public until the early phases of the product launch. Aaron also emphasizes that the company will primarily be launching the first phase of the product exclusively to the viewers of his “Starting a Business and Building a Brand” vlog series.

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