In the latest installment of his Starting a Business and Building a Brand series, Aaron answers audience questions. First up: A viewer inquires about the prices of Aaron’s forthcoming skin care line, Tiege Hanley. Aaron emphasizes the fact that superior quality doesn’t necessarily mean a superior price tag. Another viewer asks about the mysterious Tiege Hanley chemist and Aaron makes clear that the chemist is very involved and invested in the success of Tiege.

Another viewer challenges Tiege’s commitment to making men’s skin care that’s truly uncomplicated, and Aaron says that Tiege products will actually be simple, straightforward and easy to use. He also discusses issues with skin care ingredients that are bad for the environment—including plastic microbeads, which will be replaced by crushed-up apricot pits or seeds—and discusses Tiege’s commitment to superior products. Watch the whole vlog for more great answers.