We receive amazing feedback from our customers all the time. It's one of the best parts about working here at Tiege Hanley. To help prospective customers  give Tiege Hanley's Skin Care System or Acne System a try, we've compiled a list of customer reviews of each of the products included in our systems below:

Face Wash:

"The wash doesn't dry out my skin, the scrub is cooling/refreshing and I love the idea of an easy, no hassle day and night moisturizer. Would easy recommend this to any guy looking to stay on top of their skin care game.” Mikhail M. from Las Vegas, NV (USA)

"I just never knew what to use as far as face wash goes, so I always used just soap to wash. I was excited to try Tiege Hanley and, within a few days, I started noticing a difference and felt more confident." Pete T. from San Antonio, TX (USA)

Face Scrub:

"I also have some acne scars and the exfoliating scrub works better than my previous acne skin scrubs that I had. I can see the scars are actually going away, even though just a little bit, but it's a progress." Fransiskus C. from Gardnerville, NV (USA)

"I genuinely look forward to the 2 days a week I get to use the scrub, it feels like a reward for my face." - Jason H. from Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

"My favorite product is the scrub because it makes my skin feel good as new and look incredible." - Zachary B. from Perry, GA (USA)

"It really is uncomplicated, and I especially like the fresh feeling of using the Scrub in the morning. Its exfoliating power and unique sensation lasts all day and helps me tackle even the biggest projects with confidence.” Dustin W. from Delmar, NY (USA)

AM Face Moisturizer

"The AM moisturizer is great protection in the heat, cold and sunshine, and I love that the SPF is built in, so I don't have to worry." Nathan M. from Centerton, AR (USA)

"I particularly love the AM moisturizer because it includes sunscreen, which is necessary, especially for my skin." Junyoung H. from Pittsburgh, PA (USA)

"Love the AM moisturizer, as it helps keep my face hydrated and doesn't dry it out." - Isaiah J. from Whiting, IN (USA)

"After the first week, I noticed my sensitive skin was not irritated and my eczema was less of a problem with the added moisture of the AM/PM moisturizers." - Jayden C. from Lovington, NM (USA)

PM Face Moisturizer

"I also have inherently dry skin, so the AM/PM moisturizers combined prevents my face from feeling stretched out after a good shower." - Thijs S. (AKA Thiel, World Champion esports player) from Amsterdam, North Holland (Netherlands)

"The PM moisturizer is a miracle, after a month I noticed my skin looked and felt healthier consistently." - Xavier Q. from Buckley, WA (USA)

"I like how the products feel on my skin, especially the PM, which I apply right before my face hits the pillow—it's light and absorbs quickly." - Mark Y. from Valley Cottage, NY (USA)

Eye Cream for Men

"The eye cream makes a huge difference reducing crows feet from years of riding motorcycles without sunscreen." - Mike B. from Cincinnati, OH (USA)

"I especially love the eye cream, as it is the only thing that has helped me with my dark eye circles from those late nights and early flights.” - Duhamel Cassell (aka DJ DU) from Tucson, AZ (USA)

"Using Tiege Hanley has helped reduce the puffiness under my eyes after a long evenings (plus, salty foods)." - Luke B. from Cincinnati, OH (USA)

"Ever since I upgraded from Level 1 to Level 2, my red eyelids are gone and people tell me I make a more vivid impression." - Reinout R. from Zeist, Utrecht (Netherlands)

"With Tiege, I am taking the right steps to take care of my eyes. The change in the appearance around my eyes; has never looked better." - Ehong C. from San Ramon, CA (USA)

"I especially love the eye cream because of how well it works. Due to being a college student, I usually don't get much sleep, therefore, developing dark circles and puffy eyes. However, after applying the eye cream, the dark circles lessened and my eyes became less puffy." - Johnny Y. from Sheboygan, WI (USA)

"The eye cream is the only thing that has helped me with my dark eye circles from those late nights and early flights." - Gary D. from Cedar Rapids, IA (USA)

Face Serum

"The Super Serum does wonders in making me look as young as many of my clients, all with the convenience of being shipped right to my home!" - Jeremy F. from Sandy, UT (USA)

"I absolutely love the Super Serum and the AM Moisturizer! Those two are a powerhouse combination that has really made a difference in hydrating and protecting my face from the sun and toxins of daily life." - John R. from Bronx, NY (USA)

"I'm at that turning point where wrinkles were starting to show (aging, work and life stress) and my absolute favorite skin care product of all time—the super serum—has been amazing in fighting those effects. No joke, my skin is firm and as soft as a baby's bottom, haha." - Mikhail M. from Las Vegas, NV (USA)

Acne Cream:

"Being a young adult in college it can be hard to stick with a face washing routine, but Tiege Hanley’s Acne System is simple and fast to use. After using the product, no irritation occurred and my face felt fresh after applying the acne serum. The wash was gentle, while the scrub did an excellent job of exfoliating the right amount. I would recommend this system to all of my fellow peers." - Skyler W. from Toledo, OH (USA)

"I’ve always struggled with acne, and now that I’m in college, it’s important for me to look my best for meeting future employers at career days and other such events. Tiege Hanley has certainly provided a system that has helped to subdue my acne. I look forward to continuing to see improvements from this great system." - Zachary J. from Clemson, SC (USA)

"As a high school student, I am always thinking about about my personal hygiene and appearance. Having a clear face is sought after by anyone who cares about their appearance. Tiege Hanley has helped me in achieving a clearer face, therefore boosting my confidence. I will continue using this product for its effectiveness and effect on my skin." - Derek C. from Magnolia, TX (USA)

"I've been through a weight loss journey over the last 6 months and lost 90 pounds. I am finally confident in myself and the acne product has helped me clear my skin, which gave me more confidence back. It's helping me achieve my goal of repairing my body. I highly recommend it." - Edgar M. from Lynnwood, WA (USA)

"I’m 26 years old. My acne started in my high school football playing days and has been terrorizing me ever since. I tried prescription skin care, as well as products like Proactiv and others. In my early 20’s, still having frequent breakouts, I started investing in high-end skin care products from stores like Sephora. I used $20-$40 cleansers, $50-$65 moisturizers, expensive serums and masks and other gimmick products. Over a 3 year period, I probably spent over two grand in skin care and still had acne. I heard about Tiege Hanley, but never gave it shot because I was convinced that if it wasn’t expensive then it wasn’t high quality. Then, I started to understand the unbelievably inflated margins and realized I was getting ripped off. I decided to reach out and request to be a part of the Tiege Hanley Acne trial and I have been blown away. After two weeks, my skin was clear. And other than a small pimple here and there, my skin has been clear ever since. It’s not the acne cream alone that cleared it up, but how all of the products work together as a whole. As soon as I ran out, I immediately ordered a level three box. And with the added serum, my face has never felt better. Now that my face is clear overall, I use the ACNE as a spot treatment and it works amazing. I can’t wait until this product comes to market so I can buy it. Thank you to everyone at Tiege Hanley for letting me be a part of the process." - Michael Y. from Cayce, SC (USA)

"My 16-year-old son struggled to find a face care product that helped his acne without drying out his skin. Within 1 week of using this, his acne was greatly diminished and his skin wasn't dry or flaky! He’s been extremely satisfied! Thank you!" - Janelle M. from Grand Island, NE (USA)