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4 Reasons Guys Need Skin Care Too

While some skin care products are marketed to both men and women, others are targeted to one demographic or the other. Do guys really need skin care products designed specifically for men? The answer is yesmen have different skin care needs and deserve products specifically designed to meet their unique concerns.

1. Men Have More Collagen

Men tend to have more collagen in their skin than women. This is a notable perk, as it slows the aging process and usually results in fewer wrinkles. Having more collagen also means you don’t need the same collagen-boosting technologies women do, especially at a younger age. However, men are not immune to wrinkles and other signs of aging, so it is still important to use scrubs, moisturizers and sunscreen to keep the skin healthy and handsome.

2. Male Skin Produces More Sebum

Another key difference between men’s and women's skin lies in the production of an oil known as “sebum.” Adult men produce much more sebum than women do. This extra sebum is the result of higher levels of testosterone. Although sebum aids in keeping your skin looking young, too much can cause problems. Due to excess sebum, men are more likely to develop clogged pores, blackheads and breakouts than women are. They are also more likely to struggle with skin that is visibly oily or shiny, which can be embarrassing.

3. Men Have Thicker Skin

Men tend to have thicker skin than women. This makes it more difficult for a man’s skin to absorb beneficial ingredients than it is for a woman’s. To gain the benefits of skin care, men must find products specially formulated for maximum absorption.

4. Men Have More Facial Hair

Perhaps the most obvious difference has to do with facial hair. Hair follicles can help prevent wrinkles and maintain the structure of your face, but they also change your skin care needs. For example, shaving exfoliates your face by scraping off pieces of dead skin. If you don’t follow with the right skin care routine, this could increase your risk of clogged pores and ingrown hairs.

The Right Skin Care for Men

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