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Body Bundle

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The Body Bundle pairs together three essential products that will greatly improve your daily self-care routine in terms of quality, and smell.

DEO - Sandalwood is an invisible, light and refreshing stick of all-natural deodorant. It is a perfect balance of odor neutralizing and sweat absorbing ingredients that is aluminum-free and safe for sensitive skin. The Sandalwood scent combines rich earthy and woody tones for an unmistakably masculine fragrance.

Body Wash 10 oz - Sandalwood is a high-quality liquid cleanser for men for everyday use in the shower. It lathers up quick and rinses away oil and dirt to expose clean, healthy and handsome skin, and it's safe for sensitive skin.

BALLS is a anti-chafing powder that contains a perfectly balanced combination of Kaolin, Tapioca Starch, Corn Starch, and Silica that delivers superior moisture absorbing properties for below the belt. A refreshingly light and crisp “Clean” fragrance combines Eucalyptus and Spearmint notes that impart a clean feeling, while Menthol adds a cooling tingle to keep you feeling cool and fresh.

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  • DEO - Sandalwood
  • Body Wash - Sandalwood
  • BALLS - Clean

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