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SCRUB is a highly effective facial exfoliant that clears pores of dirt and bacteria, promotes new skin cell growth and evens out skin tone.

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Exfoliate Twice a Week for Clear Pores

Your face is great at absorbing dirt, which means sometimes, you need to bring out the big guns. SCRUB is formulated with crushed apricot seeds to roll over and eject dirt deep within your pores. A subtle cooling sensation finishes off this deep cleanse for a truly refreshing experience.

Clear Pores

Smaller pores

Even skin tone

Healthy skin

Reduces inflammation

Reduces swelling

Calms redness

Stronger skin

Refreshing and Cooling

Pleasant sensation

Livens up skin


How to Use

First, rinse your face with some warm water. Then, squeeze the SCRUB onto your fingers, about the size and shape of a pea. Briefly rub your hands together to spread it out, then use both hands to gently apply it all over your face (avoid your eyes and mouth). Spend about 10-15 seconds exfoliating your skin, then rinse everything off with more warm water.


Twice a week

Usage Amounts

Nickel Size

Day Supply

If you use SCRUB twice a week, the standard 0.75 oz bottle will last about 30 days and the larger 2 oz bottle will last about 80 days.

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