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5 Ways to Prevent Sun Damage

man on beach

Any time you spend in the sun without protection, you’re damaging your skin. Sun damage can set in much quicker than you think and have serious consequences for your skin.

To make things worse, the effects of sun damage won’t show up for roughly 30 years. Whether you’re in your late teens or just starting to creep into your 40s, the best time to start protecting your skin is now.

Here are three things men ought to know:

  1. If you have pale skin, the sun’s UV rays can cause damage in a matter of minutes.
  2. Sun damage can appear in the form of wrinkles and fine lines as you get older.
  3. Too much sun exposure can damage your skin cells, which can lead to cancer.

    Use a Daily Men’s Moisturizer with SPF

    It’s critical that you apply a men’s moisturizer with SPF every day, no matter what the season. Even during the winter, UV rays can penetrate clouds and reflect off snowbanks.

    A daily men’s moisturizer with SPF will protect the one area of your body that is always exposed: your face. Unlike sunscreen, a men’s moisturizer with SPF is designed to protect your face from the sun without clogging your pores and causing acne breakouts.

    UPF Clothing

    Wear UPF Clothing

    Don’t assume that your clothing will protect your skin just because it covers your body. Clothes that aren’t UPF-rated (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) can potentially allow sunlight to pierce through the fabric and reach your skin.

    To ensure that the sun’s UV rays are blocked, choose UPF clothing with a rating of 50 or higher. This rating will prevent both UVA and UVB rays from damaging your skin.

    You can also level up the UPF of your existing clothing with Rit Sun Guard. This is a detergent which contains TINOSORB FD, a chemical sunscreen which improves UV filtering (see claim: “…A single treatment of Rit Sun Guard sustains a UPF of 30 for approximately 20 launderings.”)

    Load Up on Vitamin C

    There is a good reason why Vitamin C is a common ingredient in many skin care systems. A vital molecule for our skin, Vitamin C offers additional UV protection for the skin barrier and can even reverse signs of sun damage (see claim: “...Cutaneous benefits include promoting collagen synthesis, photoprotection from ultraviolet A and B…”).

    Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rely solely on Vitamin C to protect you from sun damage. Along with your daily SPF moisturizer, Vitamin C can offer an additional layer of protection from the sun.

    tanning bed

    Stay Clear of Tanning Beds

    Unlike UV radiation from the sun, the artificial UV radiation from tanning beds is entirely avoidable. Still, that doesn’t stop many men from using them.

    There is no doubt that tanning beds can give you an attractive tan. But make no mistake—any tan you get is a sign of UV exposure to your skin.

    The darkening skin tone is caused by an increased production of melanin. This is your body’s response when exposed to harmful UV rays.

    If you want the appearance of a tan, there are safer options available. For example, both self-tanning products and spray tan salons have gotten much better in recent years and offer a much safer way to achieve a healthy glow.

    Stick to the Shade—But Don’t Rely on It

    One of the most common recommendations for avoiding sun damage is to seek the shade whenever possible. Although this is good advice, it does come with a strong word of caution.

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO) (see claim: “Many surfaces reflect UV radiation and add to the overall UV levels you experience.”), the type of ground you’re standing on can potentially put you at harm even when you’re in the shade. Known as ground reflection, surfaces such as snow and sea foam can reflect the sun’s rays and increase your UV exposure.

    To be completely safe, wear proper eye protection and sunscreen whenever you’re outside.

    Take the skin care quiz

    Prevention Is Key to Healthy Skin

    It’s much easier to prevent sun damage than it is to fix sun-damaged skin. It doesn’t matter what your age or ethnicity, everyone can reap the benefits of proper skin care.

    If you’re already showing signs of sun damage, don’t fret. Our Level 3 Skin Care System is designed to help men slow down signs of aging. With our powerful Super Serum and age-defying eye cream, you can reduce the appearance of sun-damaged skin.

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