A good face cream for men should be an essential part of any man’s skin care routine and that routine should happen every single day. A morning routine will hydrate the skin and protect it from outside influences, like sun damage, while a nighttime routine gives your skin what it needs to work on itself overnight. Your skin is basically doing a whole wellness routine of fixing and improving itself while you sleep, and you can help it do its job better with the right skin care products. Having the right day time face cream and night time face cream is crucial for keeping your skin looking and feeling its best.

We suggest that your skin care routine includes a men's face cream with UV protection that you apply in the morning. It will hydrate your skin and protect it from the damage of the sun all day long. At night, you should use a men’s face cream that gives your skin ingredients that hydrate, tighten and support healing. Our monthly subscription service makes it easy to enhance your handsome with all the right products, in just the right quantities, for your daily routine. And trust us, it's affordable. The package you choose is delivered right to your door, so it won't be a hassle to take care of your skin daily.

Face Cream for Men

The best face cream is one that is formulated specifically for men, and fits a modern man’s lifestyle and budget. What does an ideal men's face cream need to do? It needs to hydrate and protect without being too heavy or oily, and it needs to mesh with the rest of your skin care routine. Our Tiege Hanley face creams fit the bill in all of these categories, and help thousands of men look amazing every morning and evening. 

All top men's face creams give you what you need. You use a daytime face cream with UV protection against the damage and cancer risk that come from the sun's UVA and UVB rays. Then, you put on a night cream that conditions, hydrates and works to fight the aging process.

A natural face cream is a good bet because it cares for the skin in a healthy and gentle way, without throwing off the skin's normal balance like harsher chemical products can do. Natural means that it can act as a men's face cream for sensitive skin. A good, well-rounded face cream should be able to handle different skin types, such as oily, dry, combination and different skin tones. Our Tiege Hanley creams work well with all skin types. 

Men's Face Cream for Oily Skin

Let’s be honest, not every face cream will work on a male with oily skin. Some creams are thick, heavy and oily, only adding to the greasiness. Nobody wants that. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid a skin cream. Even with oily skin, a face cream is still part of the process of having healthy skin. We recommend using a men's face cream for oily skin that won’t make matters worse. We didn’t specifically make our creams to battle oily skin, but they do help with the problem.

Best Face Cream for men

Plus, we recommend you use our creams within one of our men's face cream systems. That means you would also be using a daily facial wash, which does a good job of cleaning away extra oil, dirt and grime. It washes off clean, leaving your skin fresh. This can help keep your skin hydrated because then you’re not adding cream over a layer of oil, you’re removing the oil first.

Our Morning Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20 is a good face cream that is light, while moisturizing and protecting your skin from the sun throughout the day. At night, we recommend you wash off the oil and grime from the day and then apply our Bedtime Facial Moisturizer, which works to rejuvenate your skin as you sleep. Although our night face cream is thicker than our morning cream, it has non-oily consistency that doesn’t clog pores. The rosemary oil in our morning face cream with sunscreen helps control oil, and the vitamin B3 in our nighttime face cream manages extra oils.

If you feel like your skin is too oily when you use our products, simply use less product. You can always change the frequency of your shipments so you’re getting the right amount of product for how often you use it.

Men's Face Cream for Dry Skin

What kind of face cream is best for men with dry skin? Dry skin needs moisture, so it needs a men's hydrating face cream. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a really heavy product. Our Tiege Hanley men's face cream products work with dry skin, while feeling light and non-oily. If you want the best men's face cream for dry skin, you'll want to use both daytime and nighttime creams. Our men's Morning Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20 is light, hydrates and fights the sun, and as a Harvard study shows, sun definitely damages your skin. Our men's Bedtime Facial Moisturizer hydrates your skin while it also regenerates it. Our AM cream conditions the skin with calendula extract, while our PM cream keeps moisture in the skin through niacinamide, or vitamin B3, and gives hydration from its aloe vera extract and hydrolyzed elastin protein.

Face cream for men

We suggest using our face cream within one of our skin care systems, which means you use a face wash and twice-a-week exfoliator on your skin. You might think that these would make your dry skin worse and strip the skin of its needed moisture, but they can help take away the layers of grime and dead skin cells that are getting in the way of the cream's hydration being absorbed into your skin. Our Daily Face Wash skips the foaming cleansers that dehydrate the skin and gives a gentle cleansing that keeps moisture and the right balance of lipids on the skin.

Choose the right system of creams, face wash and other products to fit your skin and budget and do what you really want: enhance your handsome.