What is Retinyl Palmitate?

Retinoids are a class of skin care ingredients that are highly prized for their anti-aging benefits. Retinyl Palmitate, in particular, is made by combining palmitic acid with retinol.


Benefits of Retinyl Palmitate

  1. When used on skin, your skin’s natural enzymes convert Retinyl Palmitate to retinol, which is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that treats wrinkles by encouraging the growth of new skin cells.
  2. Retinyl Palmitate is an ingredient that will help improve skin tone.
  3. This ingredient helps thicken skin, which gives your skin added resiliency and a smoother look.
  4. Retinyl Palmitate is a form of vitamin A, which is an antioxidant that helps reduce signs of aging while protecting against environmental damage.


Dermatological Tips

  1. Retinyl Palmitate (along with other retinoids) will make your skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays. If retinoids are a part of your routine, be sure to use sunscreen daily.
  2. Retinoids can be irritating to skin. Although reactions to Retinyl Palmitate are rare (since it is one of the gentlest forms of retinol), you should still patch test this ingredient on a small area before using regularly.


Other Ingredients to Consider

Tretinoin, retinol, adapalene, retinaldehyde and various other retinoids can all produce similar results, but Retinyl Palmitate is a much gentler ingredient to use to fight signs of aging. 


Products Containing This Ingredient

  1. Tiege Hanley Super Serum
  2. Derma-E Anti-Wrinkle Renewal Cream
  3. Murad Essential C Daily Renewal Complex