When it comes to buying skin care products, you have a wide variety of options. While some skin care products are marketed to both men and women, others are marketed to one demographic or the other. As a man who wants to keep his skin looking as vibrant and youthful as possible, which products should you choose for your daily routine? Do you really need a line of skin care products designed specifically for men? The answer is yes—men have different skin care needs and thus deserve products specifically designed to meet these unique needs.

Differences Between Men’s Skin and Women’s Skin

Plain and simple, men’s skin is different from women’s skin. Let's break it down:

Facial Hair

Perhaps one of the most obvious differences has to do with facial hair. These hair follicles are not all bad. Not only do they give you the chance to grow a beard if you want one, but they also help to prevent wrinkles and maintain the structure of your face. However, having these hair follicles also changes your skin care needs. For example, if you shave your face, it's more likely to become irritated and rough. Shaving also exfoliates your face by scraping off pieces of dead skin. If you don’t follow the right skin care routine, this may increase your risk of clogged pores and ingrown hairs.

Differences Between Men’s Skin and Women’s Skin


Men also tend to have more collagen in their skin than women do. This is a notable perk, as it slows the aging process and usually results in fewer wrinkles. However, having more collagen also means that you don’t necessarily need the same collagen-boosting technologies as women do, especially at a younger age. Do not take the presence of extra collagen as a sign that you don’t need to worry about aging, though. Men are not immune to wrinkles and other signs of aging, so it is still important to use scrubs, moisturizers and sunscreen to keep the skin healthy and young.


Another key difference between men's and women's skin lies in the production of an oil known as “sebum.” Men produce much more sebum than women do after going through puberty. This extra sebum is the result of higher levels of testosterone. Although sebum also aids in keeping your skin looking young, it can lead to problems as well. Because of the presence of extra sebum, men are more likely to develop clogged pores, blackheads and breakouts than women are. They are also more likely to struggle with skin that is visibly oily or shiny, which can be embarrassing.


Finally, men tend to have thicker skin than women do. This means that it's more difficult for a man’s skin to absorb products than it is for a woman’s skin. To gain the benefits of facial cleansers, moisturizers and other products, men must find ways to improve absorption.

Selecting the Right Skin Care Products

Because of the differences between men's and women's skin, men need to seek out products specifically designed for their needs. This means that men should avoid any products that claim to be suitable for both sexes and stick to those that highlight the benefits for men.

Men should look for products that address each of the needs listed above. For example, men's skin care products should be designed to deal with excess sebum production by removing oil effectively and fighting shine. Men's products should also be designed to combat the thickness of the skin by providing better absorption than women's products. In addition, effective skin care products for men will work against clogged pores, irritation and other effects of shaving by removing dead cells, soothing the skin and keeping it well hydrated.

Selecting the Right Skin Care Products

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