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5 Tinder Tips for Men

man using dating app

As far as online dating services go, Tinder is arguably one of the best. With over 7.5 million users (as of September 2019), Tinder has the largest pool of potential dates to pull from, making it the first pitstop for many online daters.

But any guy who has actually been on Tinder knows that it’s not as simple as “match, chat, date.” Some men will swipe on every photo they see in order to maximize their chances of getting a match, and even with this strategy, there’s no guarantee that your match will go anywhere.

It’s safe to say that Tinder can be extremely difficult for guys to navigate. To help you make the most of it, we’re dishing out our best Tinder tips for guys.

Before you start swiping, here are a few things you should know about Tinder:

  • Have at least three flattering photos of yourself on your profile
  • Fill out a bio that is interesting and honest
  • If you want to land a date, you need to put effort into your online conversations

Navigating the world of online dating can be tricky business. To help make it a little easier, here are five Tinder tips for men.

guy taking selfie on camera

1. Choose Your Pictures Wisely

When choosing pictures for your profile, pick ones that make you look interesting. That recent trip you took to Costa Rica? Throw it up there. The picture of you and your friends having fun at a festival? She wants to know that you have a social life, so put that on your profile as well.


Don’t forget to add recent photos to your profile as well. Do yourself a favor by getting on a simple skin care routine to clear up your stubborn blemishes. The girls dig a healthy glow.

Then, learn how to take a good selfie that highlights your best features. Remember, you only get so many photos to put on your Tinder profile. Make sure they’re good.

2. Fill Out a Killer Bio

Guys, don’t skip your bio. Apart from your photo, your Tinder bio is the one thing that will hook other daters and gets them interested in meeting up with you.

Be sure to mention your hobbies and interests. Online daters are looking to see if they have something in common with you, so feel free to mention the mundane (any Netflix shows or movies you’re into) along with the interesting (you enjoy ice fishing and you once met Paul Rudd).

Above all, try to make it funny. Humor is one of the things that women want in a man, so try to write a few lines that will tickle her funny bone.

3. Figure Out What You Want

Before you go on any dates, you should probably decide what exactly it is you’re looking for. Are you hoping for a hookup? A long-term relationship?

According to a review published in Review of General Psychology, somewhere between 60 and 80 percent of college students have had a hookup experience at some point in their lives (see claim: “The most recent data suggest that between 60% and 80% of North American college students have had some sort of hookup experience.”) If that’s what you’re after, then you’re in luck because Tinder has a reputation for being a hookup app more than anything else.

There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun. Just make sure that you’re honest from the beginning about what you want out of the experience.

cheerful man checking phone

4. Put Effort into Your Conversations

Taking the time to write a thoughtful message to a girl only for it to be ignored feels bad, we know. That being said, you can’t just write “hey” to her and expect her to respond.

Even though it may be tedious, try your best to put effort into the conversation by writing something more personalized. Read her bio carefully and choose something that you two have in common. If possible, try to make it witty. You’ll get way more responses this way.


5. Know When to Take a Break

Similar to social media, Tinder can have negative effects on our self-esteem, especially for guys. According to research from the University of North Texas, men who used Tinder were more likely to have lower self-esteem and body image issues compared to men who didn’t use the app.

If you feel depressed and anxious, take a break from Tinder. Do it for the sake of your own sanity.

While you’re taking a break, focus on improving yourself with a healthy diet and exercise. If you can afford it, check yourself into one of these spas designed for men and give yourself a much-needed reward for putting up with all that Tinder nonsense.

Final Thoughts

There are no Tinder tips for guys that are guaranteed to work for everyone. However, these tips will help you maximize your potential dates without making you go insane in the process. Good luck!



Garcia, Justin R et al. “Sexual Hookup Culture: A Review.” Review of general psychology : journal of Division 1, of the American Psychological Association vol. 16,2 (2012): 161-176.

Strubel, Jessica, and Trent A. Petrie. “Love Me Tinder: Body Image and Psychosocial Functioning among Men and Women.” Body Image, vol. 21, June 2017, pp. 34–38.

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