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5 Skin Care Tips for Men with a Beard

guy using electric razor

You’re proud of your ability to grow a beard. Unfortunately, beards can come with their own unique set of problems.

Beard dandruff, itchy beard and other frustrating skin care problems can arise when the skin underneath your beard is neglected. What is the best way to care for your skin while maintaining your glorious beard?

Here are three things you ought to know:

  1. Taking care of your skin shouldn’t be complicated, even with a beard.
  2. A skin care system formulated for men is essential to keeping skin healthy and vibrant.
  3. Certain products and shaving techniques can irritate the skin, causing beard dandruff or razor bumps.

    Go Easy on the Shampoo

    If you’re like most guys, you probably clean your beard with the same shampoo you use for your hair. This is fine, so long as your shampoo doesn’t contain moisture-stripping sulfates and other harsh ingredients.

    Still, even a gentle shampoo can dehydrate the skin and lead to dreaded beard dandruff. To avoid over-drying your skin, use shampoo once per week and conditioner about three times per week to clean it instead.

    Keep in mind that everyone’s hair and skin are different. You may need to wash with conditioner more or less than three times a week to find the right balance for your skin.

    Exfoliating Scrub for Men

    Exfoliate Twice Per Week

    Regular exfoliation is key to preventing beard dandruff, ingrown hairs and dull skin. Using a men’s facial scrub will remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and allow any products you use to be more effective.

    Although there are many benefits to adding a men’s exfoliating scrub to your skin care routine, keep in mind that there can be too much of a good thing. Over-exfoliating can cause dry, itchy skin—the exact thing you’re trying to avoid!

    For most guys, exfoliating twice per week is the sweet spot. If your skin is sensitive, find a facial scrub that includes soothing ingredients such as Menthyl Lactate and Cucumber Extract (see claim: “In cosmetics, cucumber has an excellent potential for cooling, healing and soothing irritated skin…”)

    Brushing Your Beard

    If your beard is fairly bushy, you may benefit from a beard comb. Brushing your beard with a comb made for your beard will help spread your skin’s natural oils and naturally slough off dead skin cells.

    As with any grooming product, be careful with what you choose. A nice, wooden beard comb will stimulate blood flow and promote healthy beard growth, while a cheap comb can damage the hair follicles.

    Because beard combs naturally exfoliate the skin, you may want to limit scrubbing your beard to once per week. However, don’t forget to exfoliate the rest of your face twice per week as part of your regular skin care routine.

    putting on moisturizer

    Keep Your Beard Moisturized

    Moisturizing day and night is an important part of every man’s daily skin care regimen. The skin underneath your beard is no different in this regard.

    You already use a men’s moisturizer for morning and bedtime. How do you moisturize the skin underneath your beard?

    While some men rub their facial moisturizer into their beard and call it good, many guys find it beneficial to use beard oil as well. Beard oil is formulated to reach deep within the hair follicle to rejuvenate the skin and hair shaft.

    Beard oil also helps you tame flyaway hairs and make your beard softer.  However, be careful to read the back of your beard oil product carefully to avoid ingredients that can irritate your skin.

    Take the skin care quiz

    Shave Properly

    When trimming up your beard, it’s important to use the correct shaving technique. Otherwise, you could end up with red bumps, irritation and dry skin.

    One of the biggest mistakes we see men make is shaving too rough and fast. Going slow and gentle is key to avoiding razor bumps.

    Another common mistake is using dull blades. A razor blade should only be used 5-10 times before being tossed.

    If you have sensitive skin, consider using a soothing aftershave balm that is fragrance-free. Artificial fragrances have been linked to red, itchy skin in individuals with sensitive skin, among other problems (see claim: “…skin application of perfumes may cause contact dermatitis…”).

    Bottom Line

    Skin care and beard care should overlap. It’s that simple.

    To properly take care of your beard and skin, it’s time to level up your skin care products. Even with a beard, things don’t need to be complicated.

    With just four products formulated specifically for men, you can achieve maximum handsome in minutes. To make things even easier for you, we’ll send it straight to your doorstep!

    Check out our different skin care system levels and find the solution that best suits your skin care needs. Have questions? Get in touch with us!

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