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What’s The Best Men’s Moisturizer with SPF?

Men's Moisturizer with SPF

Gentlemen, you probably bristle at the idea of using the same skin care products that your wife or girlfriend uses. Although you might dislike the idea because the pretty pink packaging of most feminine care products just doesn’t jive with your manly attitude, there are plenty of perfectly logical and scientifically sound reasons to avoid any skin care product that was specifically designed for women. In short, men’s skin is simply different from women’s skin, and because of this, it requires a decidedly different care regimen.  

Furthermore, no two men share the exact same skin qualities. Teens and adults. Men of Caucasian, African, Hispanic and Asian descent. Guys with naturally dry, oily, rough or sensitive skin. Your optimum skin care strategy has everything to do with who you are

When it comes to skin care, however, men do tend to have one thing in common—they need it to be easy. Even the most style conscious and health conscious among us will bristle at the notion of spending hours in the bathroom preening and grooming. 

Men's Face Moisturizer with SPF

This is where the skin care products of Tiege Hanley come in. All kinds of gentlemen with a broad range of skin types have benefited from our full line of amazingly uncomplicated and astonishingly effective skin care products. Men who live an active outdoor lifestyle particularly enjoy the benefits of our AM Morning Facial Moisturizer. This unique revitalizing and protective product is incredibly easy to use and formatted to treat and condition your face no matter how old you are, where you come from or what types of skin complaints you might have. Plus, because it contains a long-lasting SPF (sun protection factor) agent, the Tiege Hanley AM Moisturizer will shield you from the harmful UV rays of the sun throughout your busy day. 


Face Moisturizer with SPF 

Our AM moisturizer is a nourishing and conditioning marvel that will not only leave you looking great but could shave years off of the apparent age of your skin. Refreshingly light, this product is designed to leave your skin hydrated and healthy while keeping it entirely free from that oily and greasy feeling that so often goes hand-in-hand with ordinary facial moisturizers. 

Just apply the Tiege Hanley AM moisturizer after your morning shower and leave it on your skin as you go about your day. Think of it as a soft and luxurious coat of armor that combats aging and protects you from the harmful rays of the sun all day long.

For best results, use our AM moisturizer in conjunction with other Tiege Hanley products. Using other skin care brands to cleanse and treat certain conditions can cause problems because these brands have not formulated their products to align with our comprehensive skin care approach. 

We recommend cleaning daily with our Daily Face Wash and exfoliating twice per week with our Facial Exfoliating Scrub. For greater value, we offer the AM moisturizer together with these and other products as part of several cost-cutting package deals. Check out our Level 1, Level  2 and Level 3 packages to choose the combination of products that work best for the needs of your skin! 

By sticking with Tiege Hanley, you don’t need to worry about other skin care products undermining the effectiveness of your daily moisturizer. All of our proprietary formulas are designed to be entirely compatible and complement one another perfectly. For skin care that is free of both worries and hassles, it simply doesn’t get any better than this.  

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Best Moisturizer with SPF for Men

No other moisturizing skin care product can do what the Tiege Hanley AM moisturizer can. Our commitment to quality begins with the raw ingredients that we use. Our AM moisturizer contains Lavandula Oil to stimulate a relaxing effect and reduce facial redness that can arise as a result of shaving and other common dermatological irritants. Lavandula also helps to spearhead a range of healthy anti-microbial processes. 

Best Men's Moisturizer with SPF

Other key ingredients of our AM moisturizer include Calendula Extract for general anti-inflammatory/antiseptic skin conditioning and Plantain Extract for all-natural sunburn relief/damage prevention. This innovative product also contains Rosemary Oil for the reduction of oily spots and the infusion of essential minerals such as iron and calcium, as well as a host of beneficial vitamins and anti-oxidants. Taken as a whole, the nutrients from Rosemary Oil have been shown to help reduce and/or eliminate wrinkled and sagging skin. 

Of course, the Tiege Hanley AM moisturizer also provides long-lasting protection from sun exposure thanks to its unique SPF formula. For comprehensive UV defense, it features three different sunscreen agents: Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Octocrylene and Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane. 


All of our ingredients, both active and inactive, are specifically tailored for use by men and specifically chosen for their effect on men’s unique dermatological properties. Drawn from only the finest sources, these ingredients are the key to keeping the youthful and healthy appearance of your face. 

Sharing many of the same ingredients with our AM moisturizer, our PM Bedtime Facial Moisturizer exchanges sun-shielding SPF agents for natural proteins that go deep to repair and replenish skin while reducing fine lines, attacking wrinkles and boosting beneficial collagen production. By using our AM and PM moisturizers in conjunction, you can provide around-the-clock protection and conditioning for your face that is absolutely guaranteed to enhance your handsome! 

For more information about the Tiege Hanley AM moisturizer, as well as our other moisturizing, cleansing and exfoliating products, visit our product overview page and investigate the specific product of your choice with the click of a mouse. After learning more about what we have to offer, you can choose a product package that meets your exact skin care needs. 

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