Gentlemen, we created the perfect skin care system for men because we know that guys care about looking their best too! Just because you’re a burly dude who is into motorcycles or an outstanding athlete doesn’t mean that you don’t want to have great skin! 

The Tiege Hanley Skin Care System was made for regular guys who want to look good, but don't want any needless complication or expense. Let’s be honest guys, the last thing you want to do is waste your time trying to figure out what skin care products you need to look your best, only to find an overpriced gimmick that doesn’t really work! 

Take the Stress Out of Skin Care 

Our Skin Care System, developed by our brilliant chemist, takes the stress and confusion out of skin care and simply helps men look amazing. Created by a man, for today's man, it is the easy-to-use solution to help guys look and feel their best. Tiege Hanley’s skin care system contains products designed to work together to achieve the best skin possible. We're here to debunk the myth that having great skin is too much trouble and completely outside of a normal guy’s budget. Here’s the scoop on Tiege Hanley’s skin care products for men and why guys really dig them. 

Men's Face Care Kit

Face Care 

Gents, the Tiege Hanley skin care kit has everything you need to keep your face looking young and healthy, so you're as ruggedly handsome tomorrow as you are today. There is no need to worry anymore about your skin care routine because our men’s skin care products come with everything you need to make you look and feel your best no matter your skin type, age or ethnicity. 

Everyone needs a daily skin care routine. Yes, that includes you, fellas! Don’t be intimidated by taking care of your skin—our products are designed especially for you.  A man’s skin care regimen should include everything he needs to make him look and feel his confident best, with little effort.

Tiege Hanley‘s Skin Care System for Men 

  1. Daily Face Wash – Everyone needs a daily face wash—especially guys who spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, wind, or cold. Our fragrance-free WASH removes all the dirty evidence of your day outdoors and allows your skin’s awesomeness to shine through. It’s loaded with “good-for-you stuff” like Lavandula oil to reduce redness, eucalyptus oil for its natural anti-inflammatory effects and cucumber extract to help skin repair. 
  2. Bedtime Facial Moisturizer – You’re going to hate to hear it, but guys get wrinkles, too! The good news is there is no better way to erase them than by using PM, our special Bedtime Facial Moisturizer made just for men who want to hydrate their skin! When you snooze at night, the vitamin B3, collagen and green tea and aloe vera extracts work to replenish skin and reduce fine lines to keep your rugged good looks in check. 
  3. Morning Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20 – Gentlemen, put your best face forward by starting each day with our cool and invigorating AM moisturizer. It not only wakes you up, but it also protects your face from damaging sun rays with SPF 20 to keep you looking devilishly dapper! 
  4. Facial Exfoliating Scrub – In case you don’t know already, exfoliation is a good thing! It simply means getting rid of the old, dead skin cells on your face by using our manly face SCRUB to reveal your fresh, new skin cells underneath that make you look younger and even more handsome than you were yesterday! Natural ingredients like crushed apricot seeds, vitamin B3 and cucumber extract soothe and repair a dude’s skin like no other!
  5. AM/PM Eye Cream – Would you believe us if we told you that your favorite ingredient from coffee and soda can help you look younger? It’s true, gents! That’s why we put caffeine in EYES, our specially formulated daytime/nighttime eye cream. Caffeine increases circulation in your body, which draws out excess water, giving you tighter, firmer skin. It is also an antioxidant which helps prevent UV radiation, which in turn slows down the aging process. How cool is that? Heads will turn when you use EYES.
  6. AM/PM Facial Firming Serum – More powerful than even the most iconic comic book hero, our SUPER SERUM is power-packed with vitamins, antioxidants and super cool anti-aging ingredients to fight free radicals, improve any guy’s skin tone and knock out those wannabe wrinkles.  Our SUPER SERUM packs a punch with help from incredible ingredients that have proven anti-aging properties, for hydrated skin and a younger, more superhero-like appearance!  

    Best Skin Care System for Men

    At Tiege, we think we make the best skin care system for men on the planet. Why? Because we understand that men's and women’s skin care needs are very different. We also understand that men want an uncomplicated, easy-to-use skin care system that works well without having to worry about what products to use, when to use them and where to get them.

    Best Men's Skin Care Kit

    Tiege Hanley was created because, as guys, we were tired of having to hunt down quality skin care products, then having to pay way too much for them. We finally decided to build a company that helps men look amazing by providing the best skin care products at an affordable price. With a high concentration of active, quality ingredients, our men’s skin care line goes the extra mile to ensure our customers look and feel the best they possibly can. 

    Keeping Men’s Skin Care Simple is How We Roll 

    Some of the many cool things about our skin care products is that we make it simple, affordable and uncomplicated for today’s gentleman of any age, ethnicity or skin type to take care of their skin. Since our skin care system is designed specifically for men, we have created a complete set of products that work together to enhance your handsome, so there is no guesswork in your skin care routine. 

    Tiege Hanley’s men’s skin care products are part of a system because it makes it so much easier for a guy to take care of his skin. Also, we know that the only way your skin will truly look better is if you use a skin care product with other complementary products that are designed to work together for best results.

    Our Commitment to Convenient Uncomplicated Skin Care Delivery 

    In keeping with our commitment to provide today’s man with an uncomplicated skin care system, Tiege Hanley not only offers gentlemen the best skin care system at an affordable price, but we are also all about convenience. Instead of marketing our men’s skin care products in the retail arena, we choose to deliver them directly to our customers, allowing us to remove the middlemen from the equation, which eliminates extreme price mark-ups. Doing this allows guys to experience great-looking skin without breaking the bank and without having to make trips to the store due to our lightning speed home delivery subscription service.  

    That’s right, gents. Have the best skin care system for men delivered directly to your doorstep every month (or when you need it) with no commitment, no stress and no worries! You can change your skin care subscription in various ways, including the delivery schedule, products and more by simply logging into your Tiege Hanley online account. 

    Relax guys—we have taken care of everything for you! Ready to enhance your handsome and get this party started? Simply select the best skin care system for your needs and have it delivered to your door within a few days!