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Best Men's Face Wash for Sensitive and Acne-prone Skin

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Achieving clear skin can be a challenge for men at any age, and it’s even more difficult with skin that is naturally prone to breakouts. Fortunately, today’s advanced cleansers have made it easier than ever to attain—and maintain—clean, healthy skin. At Tiege Hanley, we know the best face wash is the one that’s suited to your particular skin type, whether it’s naturally dry, oily or easily irritated. In this article, we’ll cover some of the top products designed to treat sensitive, acne-prone skin for a healthy look and feel every day. All that’s required from you is a few simple upgrades to your current grooming routine:

  1. Clean: Keeping your skin’s oil level in check is a key to knocking out breakouts, and a quality cleanser is one of the most effective ways to make that happen.
  2. Moisturize: Dry skin is irritated skin, and no one wants that. Moisturize in the morning for a more supple, youthful-looking appearance and less irritation throughout the day.
  3. Exfoliate: Out with the old, in with the new—a good exfoliating product does just that, removing dead skin cells and helping to revitalize your face with each application.


If that all sounds simple enough, that’s because it is. All you need to do is carve out five extra minutes each day to start transforming yourself with cleaner, healthier skin.


A Better Way To Cleanse

It’s time to face the facts: when it comes to facial cleanliness, plenty of men are still lagging behind the pack. They’re the guys who still default to bar soap or whatever their wives and girlfriends happen to buy. However, the reality is that your typical bar soap is not ideal when applied to a guy’s face. And, mostly likely, the product a female is buying was made for a female—not a guy.

Bar soaps made for your hands and body are often harsher than traditional face washes, as those parts of your body tend to require more aggressive cleaning. The issue is that harsh soap can leave your face deprived of the natural oils it needs to remain hydrated and healthy. This is one of the easiest ways to irritate your skin.

When it comes to women’s cleansers, it’s important to understand that these are not simply the same products with sweeter scents or prettier packaging. A facial wash designed for female skin will not perform as well for a man, due to any number of hairy or hormonal factors:

  • Toughened Up: It’s not just a euphemism—men are known to have thicker, tougher skin than women, which makes for much different needs when it comes time to clean up.
  • “T” Time: Toughness and testosterone often seem to go hand-in-hand, and all those masculine hormones account for unique skin attributes that a women’s cleanser isn’t built for.
  • Terminal Hair: Guys are hairy, and frequently, so are their faces. Terminal hair follicles means thicker skin as well as larger pores, which means gentle women’s face washes won’t usually cut the mustard.

Tiege Hanley’s WASH does just what the name says: it’s a face wash that gets rid of excess oils, without scrubbing away what it needs to preserve. Use it once in the morning and once before bed, and you’re good to go. Naturally, it’s formulated especially for men, with tough-but-gentle ingredients that work hard without overworking your skin. Three in particular worth mentioning:

  1. Willow Bark Extract: Coming courtesy of the willow tree, this potent ingredient contributes to the exfoliation process to keep skin looking young—maybe that’s why it’s so popular in high-end spa facial treatments these days.
  2. Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract: This cucumber-derived ingredient is chock full of nutrients, including beneficial acids and vitamins that help fight irritation and inflammation. Check out our in-depth cucumber extract blog post for more juicy details.
  3. Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil: It’s an antioxidant that contributes to anti-aging, with antibacterial and antiseptic benefits to boot. How many more positives can a man ask for?

    The Hydration Complication

    When it comes to skin care, cleansing is only half the battle. Hydration is definitely instrumental in avoiding acne, and it’s also a big part of preventing irritation and maintaining healthier overall skin. Unfortunately, just as many people fail to drink enough water each day, many men fall short when it comes to hydrating their skin. The downsides of underhydration can go far beyond the dry flakiness that plenty of guys have simply become used to:

    • Inflammation and additional water loss can occur when your skin’s balance is disrupted, potentially exacerbating sensitivity issues.
    • Underhydrated skin suffers from greater exposure, such as to the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays produced by the sun.
    • Dry skin is less able to shrug off old, dead skin, allowing aged cells to remain stuck on the surface. This increases the potential for trapped dirt while also limiting the benefits derived from applied cleansers and other topicals.

    In your search for the best face wash for sensitive skin, don’t lose sight of the need for consistent moisture. Our solution is summed up in two letters: AM. It’s a once-daily moisturizer for your face that also includes SPF 20 protection, so those unwanted UV rays won’t stand a chance. Use it in the morning after washing for a lasting, refreshed feeling, and be confident that it won’t leave oily residue causing an unsightly shine throughout your day.

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    The Importance of Exfoliation

    Now that your skin is clean and it’s hydrated—who needs exfoliation? Or maybe you’re just wondering what exfoliation even is. Don’t let the fancy wording scare you; exfoliating is nothing more than scrubbing dead skin cells away to promote healthy, ideal regeneration. It’s really no different than mowing the lawn or getting a haircut; old growth needs to go in order for new life to spring forth. Just think of exfoliation as the routine maintenance necessary for clean, supple skin.

    The good news: our SCRUB exfoliator is everything you need to keep the cycle moving, just as nature intended. The better news: it’s included in each of our acne systems, so fighting breakouts has never been more convenient. It’s easy to use, requiring just two applications each week. It works on both oily and dry skin types, plus it’s free of fragrances, making it ideal for those with more sensitive skin.

    Bringing Facial Care Full Circle

    Rounding out our family of skin care products is our Daily Moisturizing Acne Cream, a dermatologist-recommended solution that completes the clean while adding needed moisture. It features powerful blemish-fighting ingredients, including Salicylic Acid (an antiseptic agent that removes skin-irritating germs) and regenerating Plantain Extract, which helps reduce the formation of scars and pockmarks.

    This capable cream is fully compatible with our entire product lineup, and comes packaged with easy instructions to help you achieve the results you seek. Apply it once nightly if you’re controlling mild or moderate acne; one more quick application in the morning is all you need if you’re contending with a more severe case.

    Consistent Care

    Now you’ve got a better handle on the anti-acne basics, and you’re more aware of how to avert oversensitivity. There’s still one final pillar of a healthy skin regimen—consistency. That’s where Tiege Hanley comes in: with our proven acne systems, everything you need is shipped right to your preferred destination. Choose the level that’s right for your needs, from mild to severe—each package includes all you need to clean, hydrate and protect your skin the right way, every day.

    So, you can finally stop flailing at the pharmacy, and quit dragging your feet through drug store aisles in search of the right products. Leave the soap bar behind and forget about the feminine face washes you’ve been using for far too long. We have the uncomplicated, best value skin care solutions you’ve been looking for—order today and find out for yourself. After all, thousands of satisfied Tiege men can’t be wrong.

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