Here is a scary thought: Wrinkles in men can begin forming as early as age 20! How can you minimize the effects of aging and prevent new wrinkles from appearing?

With a powerful firming serum, you can keep wrinkles in check and reverse signs of aging. That’s why Tiege Hanley has made a facial firming serum specifically for a man’s skin.

Why choose us over other skin care companies? In this post, we’ll explain what sets us apart from the rest:

  • Our potent men’s firming serum uses cutting edge ingredients from South Korea that are backed by science.
  • Unlike big skin care companies, we’ve cut out the middleman and sell directly to you.
  • Our facial firming serum for men is uncomplicated and extremely easy to use.

Cutting-Edge Ingredients

Our AM/PM firming serum for men utilizes the most advanced skin care research coming out of South Korea.

Why South Korea? Considered the skin care capital of the world, Seoul, South Korea is known for its innovative skin care market.

Working with our rockstar chemist, we loaded an effective combination of potent anti-aging ingredients into our firming serum. The result is a super-concentrated formula containing powerful antioxidants (such as Retinol), vitamins and peptides to help your face retain its youthful appearance.

Here is a quick look at our top wrinkle-fighting ninjas:

Retinyl Palmitate: An ester of Retinol and palmitic acid (Vitamin A), Retinyl Palmitate stimulates collagen production (see claim: “The topical administration of RP for 14 days in rats resulted in increased protein and collagen and an epidermal thickening…”) and is effective at penetrating deep into a man’s skin.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: Also called Argireline, this powerful peptide is known to mimic the effects of Botox by relaxing the facial muscles (see claim: “It has been used successfully in cosmetic applications for wrinkles, where it works by relaxing superficial dermal muscles.”).

Pentapeptide-18: Another peptide that produces Botox-like results, Pentapeptide-18 works well with Argireline to reduce the severity of wrinkles.

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Formulated Specifically for Men

What sets us apart from a large chunk of the skin care market is that we formulate our products specifically for men. Guys, using your wife or girlfriend’s skin care products is doing you no favors!

Men and women need different skin care products—period. Because we have different skin, we need products that are designed to penetrate a man’s thick skin.

You won’t find girly scents in a firming serum made specifically for men. Our products are free of artificial fragrances that smell bad and irritate the skin.

Plus, it’s made for regular guys who want a simple solution for their wrinkles. We took the stress out of skin care by making our skin care system for men insanely easy to follow.

Works on All Skin Types

It doesn’t matter what your age, skin type or ethnicity, Tiege Hanley’s firming serum is designed for everyone. How did we manage to do it?

It’s simple: We created a formula free of dyes and fragrances to prevent irritation on even the most sensitive skin types. Our ridiculously high-quality firming serum contains only the best skin care ingredients designed to maximize your handsome.

Struggling with oily skin? Our firming serum contains no pore-clogging ingredients that could potentially cause breakouts.

Dry skin a problem for you? There are no drying ingredients in our firming serum—instead it contains super-hydrating ingredients.

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Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

With a super high-quality product such as Tiege Hanley’s SUPER SERUM, you might assume that it costs a fortune. We’re pleased to say that our firming serum—along with the rest of our skin care products—is extremely affordable.

Unlike other big-name skin care brands, we can offer incredible prices on our skin care products. We accomplished this by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to you.

That means you get an effective anti-aging product that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Tiege Hanley is designed to be affordable and accessible to every man who wants amazing-looking skin.

No Shopping Required

Shopping for anti-aging products can be daunting for men. The skin care aisle is usually packed with products geared towards women.

When you come across a product that is formulated for a man, it usually contains unnatural ingredients and/or costs a fortune. What's a regular guy to do?

If you want our facial firming serum, we don’t believe that it should be a hassle to get it. That’s why we ship our products straight to your door each month. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

You’ll never need to remember to reorder your firming serum because we'll automatically send you a new supply each month. And if you go through your firming serum faster or slower than a month, it’s easy to change the delivery date.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for men’s anti-aging products doesn’t need to be exhausting. Hopefully, we’ve made the decision a lot easier on you by describing our approach to our facial firming serum for men.

Ready to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines? Check out Tiege Hanley's SUPER SERUM in our Level Three Skin Care System! Order now and get the youthful appearance you’ve always wanted.