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How to Grow a Beard in Five Steps

man rubbing beard

If you’ve ever tried—and failed—to grow a beard, you probably know that it’s not as simple as putting down the razor blade for a few weeks. To achieve a thick, well-groomed beard that’s free of sparse patches, you need the right beard care products and no short amount of patience.

Unless you have alopecia or another condition that interferes with your body’s ability to grow hair, there is no reason why you can’t obtain stylish facial hair. If you can’t seem to get past a specific point in the beard-growing process, consider this your guide to growing an amazing beard.

Before we dive in, here are several things you should know about growing a beard:

  • Beard growth rates can be different for every guy. Be patient and allow your patches to fill in.
  • Most beard care products that claim to speed up beard growth don’t work as intended.
  • If you aren’t sure if facial hair is right for you, consider growing it out for charity to test the waters.

Step #1: Stop Shaving

Even though we just said that growing a beard wasn’t as simple as quitting your razor blade, it’s still a key step in the beard-growing process. The myth that shaving can somehow stimulate hair follicles to grow faster is completely false.

Once you decide to grow a beard, stop shaving everything except for your beard neckline. You can tidy up the neck area with your electric trimmer.

While you’re resisting the urge to shave, don’t forget to take care of the skin underneath your beard. By continuing to use your regular skin care products, you can remove dirt and grime from your face that could get in the way of beard growth.

Step #2: Be Patient

To grow an epic beard, you need to have patience. According to a 2016 review article published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, the average growth rate for facial hair is around 0.27 mm per day (see claim: “Beard hairs grow at an average rate of around 0.27 mm day.”)

man checking beard growth in mirror

However, it’s important to note that not everyone’s beard hairs grow at the same rate. In fact, even the individual beard hairs on your face can grow at different rates. In other words, be patient with your splotchy beard and give your slower-growing hairs time to catch up.

Step #3: Apply a Nourishing Beard Oil

Beard oil is one of the most common beard care products for guys, and for good reason. In addition to taming frizzy hairs, applying beard oil will soften your beard hairs and promote healthier facial hair in general.

Plus, beard oil can help get you through some of the tougher phases of beard growth. We’re specifically talking about the unbearable beard itch and irritating beard dandruff that often strikes guys sporting fresh facial hair.


Step #4: Wash and Exfoliate Your Beard Regularly

Once your facial hair starts filling in more, it’s important for you to wash and exfoliate your beard regularly. Along with preventing beard acne and ingrown hairs, washing and exfoliating your beard will help “clear the path” for your beard hairs, so to speak.

Stick to washing your beard with beard shampoo about once a week and use conditioner three times a week to soften the beard hairs. Use an exfoliation scrub on your beard twice a week to remove dead skin cells and oil for unimpeded beard growth.

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Step #5:  Trim and Style Your Beard

Finally, your beard is bushy enough to style exactly the way you want. While you may have a specific style in mind, it never hurts to know what women think of your beard.

bearded guy with lady

Interestingly, a 2016 study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology found that while stubble was considered the most attractive style of facial hair, guys with full beards were deemed the most suitable long-term partners (see claim: “Full beards and faces with stubble received higher ratings than clean-shaven faces for long-term than short-term relationships.”)

Bottom line: If you want a long-term partner, growing a beard may work out for you. If a hookup is what you’re after, stick to growing stubble.

Growing Your Beard for Charity

True beardsmen know that a truly awesome beard takes time, patience and a consistent grooming routine. If you’re not entirely sure whether you want all the responsibility that comes with sporting a full beard, consider testing the waters by growing out your beard for charity.

You’re probably familiar with No-Shave November. But don’t discount lesser-known causes which also encourage guys to grow facial hair to raise awareness for various causes. By growing your facial hair for charity, you can try out the bearded look while supporting a good cause.

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