Not everyone struggles with acne, but for those who do, it can lead to multiple issues. Whether you are battling acne every day or only experience occasional breakouts, you know that not only are pimples embarrassing but they can also cause real physical discomfort. You can dramatically improve the look of your face by taking better care of your skin. These ten tips can significantly improve your appearance and how you feel about yourself.

Ten Tips to Eliminate Acne

  1. Wash Your Face

      Good skin starts with clean skin. You should wash your face twice a day with face wash. The best times to wash your face are first thing in the morning and right before going to bed. Avoid using harsh cleansers, such as body wash or perfumed hand soap, which can irritate your skin. Rinse with warm, not hot, water.

      1. Dry Your Skin the Right Way

      Although it may be your first instinct to just use a regular rough towel to dry your face, this approach can cause more acne to appear. Instead, use a fresh, soft cloth to pat your face dry, and remember to wash your face towel before using it again.

      1. Using Moisturizer Is Good for Your Skin

      Many guys have the wrong impression when it comes to using moisturizers on acne-prone skin. Since moisturizers can feel greasy, some men believe too much moisturizing can cause breakouts; wrong. Moisturizing your skin helps to loosen and remove the build-up of sebum from clogging your pores.

      1. Don’t Use Cleansers Made with Salicylic Acid

      Go into any drugstore, and you can find dozens of different products made to help eliminate pimples. Unfortunately, they are not all the same. Acne fighting cleansers are inferior to acne fighting moisturizers. Why put the best ingredient for fighting acne in a product that is simply washed off your face immediately afterwards? Instead, use an acne product that leaves the acne fighting ingredient on your face to fight acne the entire night while you sleep.

      1. Never Sleep on a Dirty Pillow 

      The more frequently you wash your pillowcase, the better your skin will look. Night after night, oil and bacteria from your skin is transferred to your bed linens. While you sleep, your face tends to rub on your pillow which causes inflammation and when combined with dirt and bacteria, acne breakouts can occur.

      Ten Tips to Eliminate Acne

      1. Clean Your Eyeglasses Frequently

      If you notice pimples on your nose and temple area, your glasses may be responsible. Use a mild soap every day to remove dirt and bacteria from your glasses and avoid promoting acne where they make contact with your face.

      1. Keep an Eye on Your Hair Products

      Men who tend to have problems with pimples along their hairlines should pay particularly careful attention to the ingredients in the hair products they use. Hair care products, which have oil-based ingredients, such as petroleum, shea butter and jojoba oils can cause acne breakouts. That doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite shampoo. Just be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly to avoid residue.

      1. Be Healthier

      Remember that your skin is part of your body and it is affected by your overall health. You have probably heard that certain habits, like excessive smoking and drinking, damage your skin and can cause acne. But so does not sleeping enough. Skin experts have pretty much proved that foods like chocolate and potato chips do not cause pimples, while eating more fresh fruits and vegetables doesn’t hurt your complexion.

      1. Don't Touch Your Face

      You probably don't realize how often you touch your face throughout the day without thinking about it. Leaning on your hand while watching TV or innocently scratching your nose can spread bacteria and lead to pimples. Besides touching your face with your hand, anything which is against your skin for long periods of time like your headphones and cell phones can result in breakouts.

      1. Keep Stress Away

      Each of us handles pressure differently, but for many guys, skin is at its worst when going through stressful periods. Do your skin a favor by taking some time out of your day to relax.

      Although acne can be upsetting, the good news is that it is treatable. The Tiege Hanley Acne System uses the best acne fighting ingredient available, salicylic acid, in our acne cream to fight acne and keep your skin moisturized at the same time.